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Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I currently reside here, and I am absolutely disappointed with everything. After finding out the manager that was incharge in the office was fired for stealing money and bucks landing didnt even inform the tenants who to contact for now on, then new management takes over and their systems all changed over which caused my account to show up as if they never recieved our rent money and then recieve a letter in the end of a month saying I owed $1,000 and some change in back owed rent....shows me the management still lacks in responsibilities. I decided to upgrade my apartment, which this meant I would have to pay more money in rent....yet they charged us a transfer fee....Makes no sense if you ask me. I was a current resident....so why would you charge a current resident a transfer fee. I moved into the apartment, and filled out the form of all the problems in the apartment so maintenance could fix them and returned the form to the office. Surprise surprise, the problems were never fixed. I called multiple times requesting help, kept getting told we'll send someone out to your unit this week....still never happend. 5 months went by and I still never got maintenance to my unit. I went to the office and there was a new manager. Her name was Rachel and she was very very nice and showed she was really concerned about my problems that consisted and were never fixed. She tried to help, even setup an appointment for manintenance to fix the problems which was later to be rescheduled after I called to the office later that day, and spoke with another manager whom informed me she would let rachel know and she never did. A few weeks later I find out that Rachel was left go. Rumor has it, she was left go cause she actually cared about the tenants and was to soft. 5 months later I get maintence at my apartment, they did some of the work, went to the office and informed them stuff my roomate and I was talking about, and told them the work was complete, yet he told us that he was going to schedule an appointment with Rotarooter Plumbing so they could fix the clog in the pipe line that our bathroom sink drains into, and order us a new garbage disposal since the one we have heatsup and smokes whenever you use it. Yet the office informed us that they no longer replace the garbabge disposals anymore, even though when getting the apartment we have to pay more rent money because it had a garbage disposal, dishwasher, and washer and dryer hookup. Its in our contract....by law the landlord is suppose to get the problems fixed, and if an appliance included in your lease is broken, they have to replace it with a new one. Problems we have: Clogged Drain in bathroom Infested with Roaches & Bed Bugs Broken Garbage Disposal No cold water for the washer Black Mold Water Leaks from the ceiling Broken/bent screens Broken front door Problems fixed: Front Door Black Mold (so far) The managers only want your rent money, and if you're late they are ever so quick to put notices on your door. It started out with 10 day notices threatening to evict you if they dont recieve your rent money. They dont care to ask you if you need help arranging a payment arrangement. Now they're posting 3 day noticces which the state of Florida does that. I thought we lived in Pennsylvania. I have a old lease before the new management took over....they're breaking my lease in many ways.
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