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Resident · 2011 - 2015
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I have lived Bucks Landing since 2011 it's now going on five years of residency at the complex. I've seen the worst and the best of the who comes and who goes, what have not happen and what is currently being done to date and I must tell you there have been major, Major,MAJOR improvements both in the complex itself and within the staff. Lets be 100% real here. Since my stay I have seen things that would make anyone want to leave and the reasons that made several people leave but that all have changed and I really believe it have to do with a change in management and staff as a whole. The complex managers have taking on a task that at one time have seemed impossible but they have did a total 360 on the complex. Since " THE CHANGE " you call for something to be fixed you can depend on your maintenance workers to be prompt in fixing the situation. The cleaning crew I couldn't be prouder of them for their upkeep and staff and the safety of the complex have changed and still is changing dramatically! you can actually walk around the complex freely without watching your back 24/7 as in the city you have to watch every minute. You have a 24/7 Super Walmart in the back yard on the side is public transportation for those without cars and across the street is the Regional Rail into the city. Eateries and shopping centers are in traveling distance with parks for children to play. And let's face it where are you going to find the amenities in a clean well kept area that you are allowed to have pets? I seriously believe a lot of the negative previous post was under a different management. The staff is polite and the management is polite as well as will give you a one on one consultation about any of your concerns or issues. Every building is currently under renovations: The grounds, the apartments, the buildings! I was also told that all doors are being locked and or going to be locked with a key to every apartment. The staff just ask for consideration and patience while renovations are being made and trust me they are working fast. But I can not stress this enough if something is wrong and your having issues " you have to let the management know or you wont have a reason to say anything if nothing is done. I will refer anyone who is looking for a nice place to live to come here as well. Oh and before I forget I love the diversity as well as how people know how to atleast be respectful and say hi to those they don't really know no matter who are what you are,which makes me feel even more comfortable. Very friendly place to live. :)
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