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Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I can't believe I was duped into moving in this place. Please do not move here. I'm in the process of suing these people for false advertising and among other things! Here's my story: When I first came to see the apartment, they showed me a demo which was directly across from the leasing office. I was impressed with it. I asked if all the apartments looked like the one we were viewing and the leasing agent said yes. We put a deposit down and was excited. When it came time to move in, the apartment looked NOTHING like the demo. We were floored but had already paid the money. We chose the least disgusting apartment out of the two REAL apartments that they have; which looks nothing like the demo. The first two night, I had no hot water. They came out twice and still no hot water. They finally came and disassembled our dishwasher to fix the issue. The dishwasher is STILL not put back together. Also while fixing the hot water, the maintenance detached the countertop from the wall which exposed a series of bugs and roaches. The bathroom when I first moved in had trash all over the floor including spray paint that they used to "repaint" the tub. After a couple weeks, the paint came off of course because you're not supposed to spray paint a tub. If you complain, they threaten to evict you. Due to the mold and water issues I had to get rid of my furniture because they will not come and check out why my clothing, furniture, and other items in the home are wet all the time. We had to get rid of it. We literally sleep in the living room on an air mattress. The office staff are deplorable. They were nice to me when I first moved in but now when I speak to them they don't speak back. Crazy right? I just lost thousands of dollars in clothing and furniture because of their neglect. But that's not the final straw. The bathroom leaked from the middle of June to August. They fixed it twice however there is a hole in my bathroom ceiling and when I called they said it was their day off. We couldn't use the bathroom for days. But they don't care. I'm in the process of getting an attorney because I know they are doing illegal things. The last of my clothes smell like meldew. But they claim there is no problem. Tell that to my furniture that I had to get rid of and my clothes. And if you withhold rent, they add fees so astronomical that it's almost double the rent. But they will not fix anything. The maintenance people are ridiculous. But I got documented proof of everything and ready to go to the press. Enough is enough. I've even had peeping toms looking in my place. Made a police report but I got a feeling the office is keeping it to themselves because they don't want the new owners to know they have issues here. But I will be contacting their new owners with all the proof I've compiled. I'm not speaking to them anymore. But words of advice please don't move here. It's not safe. Don't bring your family here. Don't bring furniture here because you will lose it due to mold infestation.
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