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Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I lived here for 1 year i moved here after my abusive divorce with my 3 kids.. it was hell... my daughter got severely bullied mentally emotionally and physically... roaches galore it was unbelievable nothing worked to get rid of them not even their pest control, i found them in all the bedrooms in the dressers yuck it was nasty.. neighbor's played music til 2am, office did nothing about this ive called the cops on my neighbor for this, i had kids who were sleeping(young ones) they couldn't sleep cause of the music and when i did this oh boy i got called every name there was by him, he harassed my kids when i wasnt home my oldest had recorded him calling them all types of names even racial names, he called the cops on us at 630 in the evening once for the kids playing a board game on the floor.. again office refused to do anything i had meeting with them about it, i had police reports, about this even asked to move my apt they said no we cant do that n theres nothing we can do about him... as i said i just escaped from an abusive marriage to come here n get mentally n verbally abused by my neighbor... this continued all year... til we left my kids begged n cryed to leave so we did.. the one maintenance guy tryed to coach me downstairs for oral sex i said no that he was a joke days later he came banging on my door my 16 year old told.him i wasnt home n not to come back even tho my son doesnt know what happen he saw i was scared... we all were my kids were scarex to walk in the apt they walked on there tippy toes 24/7 .... nothin got repaired... office talks dwn to you makes you look and feel retarted... puts ur business out to everyone... oh dont let me forgot not just the neighbors dwn staires we had to deal with but the domestic violence upstaires... boy we got scared from that place... there are some good people in the complex but very very very very few.....if you move here just becareful n watch your back and trust nobody i mean nobody
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