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Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Save your money and look elsewhere. Neighbors are extremely rude and loud. They stated that the apartment was newly renovated but what they meant was patched up walls and recycled doors with new paint. The carpet job is horrible. You can feel things underneath the carpet when you walk around the apartment. The one neighbor is always blasting loud music. The walls are paper thin. God forbids you sneeze loud enough and you'll have neighbors banging on your wall. No one here is courteous. Why work so hard/pay so much and come home to a nightmare. Let's not get started with parking. Come past 7pm and you'll find yourself driving up and down the complex looking for someone to move. They claim to "tow" cars but they don't. Every week you'll see a new car or multiple cars without stickers on their windshield proving that they rent here. They ask for all of kinds documentations but they'll let anyone live here. You have multiple families living in a apartment. Kids are constantly in and out of the apartment at all Hours. The front "secure" door is always open. Anyone can come in and out as they please. I went to the leasing office and asked if they would speak to the neighbors and I was told "ask them yourselfs a few times, if that doesn't work we'll send out a letter." I also asked if they are aware of multiple people living in a apartment? The response I got was "hahaha yeah I know this always happens." Not to mention the person that works in the office said "if it wasn't free no way would I ever live here myself." Every weekend you can come home after a long day at work to find people playing music drinking beer by the fields. Cops are always in and out of this place, you'd think you were in North Philly. It's been a terrible experience here for me and my family. Don't give them your hard earned money to be miserable.
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