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Seven Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
I have lived at 7 Oaks for almost two years. The staff is nice, I've made a few friends from my neighbors, and until very recently, the neighbors were quiet (I'm about to walk upstairs and stick someone's "Rock Band" drum set you know where). So, as you can see, I like Seven Oaks alot. Great location, the apartments are average, and the staff is nice. Now they are going to lower my already rediculous rent by ten bucks (whoopee) and are NOT going to pay for heat and hot water. So, with utilities, I"ll be paying around a grand for an outdated, fairly small, and very very average apartment. Golf club is 300 buck less, and there are MANY places even in ultra-pricey West Chester that just blow it out of the water. The sad thing is that the ladies in the front office know how overpriced it is, too! The company who manages this propery, MMC, is completely out of touch with the local markets, and think that over $900 a month is the going rate now for a one-bedroom, old, and not-really-anything-special aparment. Well, I've got news for you, MMC. I"M OUTA HERE!!! I would NOT recommend living in 7 Oaks AT ALL unless you are the type of person who lights their cigars with 100 dollar bills, because that is basically what you are doing. Look elsewhere, and you'll save a few hundred bucks on the exact same thing, easily. SORRY FRONT OFFICE LADIES BUT I HAD TO WARN THE OTHERS!!! MMC IS GOING TO RUN SEVEN OAKS INTO THE GROUND!! The staff has been fantastic, though, so maybe that will justify the high price in some people mind. In these "tough times' financially, MMC is doing the opposite of what they should. I just goes to show that a corporate office 1000 miles away can't be in touch to local communities, period. Thats my two cents. Hope this helps in your decision.
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Seven Oaks Apartments

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