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Seven Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2010
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Office Staff
I would definitely not recommend renting an apartment at the Seven Oaks apartment complex or from their owner, the Metropolitan Management Corporation. I have lived here for about 5 years, and was happy here until fairly recently. I'm not sure what changed, except for the building manager, and I'm still admittedly uncertain as to what role she's played in these changes. What I do know is that the owners have started engaging in two questionable business practices within the last year - practices that if you care at all about either consumer rights or the environment suggest that this complex is not a good place for you to rent an apartment. The first questionable practice involves heating bills. Until recently, the heating was included in the rent at Seven Oaks. Recently, however, they have started billing the tenants for heating. This may not seem strange, except that the tenants have no control over the heating, and the heating bills are based on estimates from a heating company based in Florida. In addition, Seven Oaks has recently cut down twelve trees on the property - the trees that line Marshall Street. Not only are trees themselves living beings that other living beings depend upon, they contribute greatly to the beauty of the environment, the value of the property, and the value of the apartments that face those trees. The owners therefore reduced the value of the property, but offered no rent reduction to the tenants. I also learned recently that they are changing the name of the apartment complex, which is something that questionable businesses often do so that their record with the Better Business Bureau is refreshed, given that those records are only based on the current name of the business. A third variable to consider is the noise levels. My building used to be quiet, but they have recently been renting to very, very loud tenants. This is not an easy place to live if you value the amount of sleep you get. I would therefore recommend not renting from this company if you wish to live a scam-free life in a beautiful environment.
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Seven Oaks Apartments

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