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Seven Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
I lived at Seven Oaks for 2 full years. As you can see from some quick browsing, most of the reviews are negative. At first my roommate and I were just so glad to have our own place that we didn't see all the flaws...but over time it became impossible to ignore them. The leasing office closes early very often--especially the first year I lived here. The office keeps all of your packages--but they aren't exactly organized--they lost TWO PACKAGES (one thing my roomie ordered and one thing that I ordered) that the senders assured they sent out and the senders had the correct address and postage. But that's not all, the mailboxes in my building don't properly secure to the wall--so basically anyone could steal my letters and magazines if they wanted to and therefore I too have access to a whole bunch of other residents' mail that is supposed to be locked up...The maintenance men are very laid back and often forget to come--so then I end up having to call more than once about the same problem. But that's nothing--during the big snow storm we had this past winter I got multiple leaks on my ceiling from all the snow on the old roof that probably hasn't been touched since it was built in the '70s. When I called maintenance all they did was give me a bucket and told me to wait until the storm was over---while I waited the leaks got worse until part of the ceiling caved and I had a 2 wholes in my ceiling! (It didn't go out to the sky but it was pretty damn bad.) My roommate wanted to have people over but we were too embarrassed with a whole in our ceiling, leaks, and watermarks! When that happened I called maintenance again and they said I had to keep waiting because it was supposed to rain and they didn't want to have to touch it up more than once--so I had to wait til all the rain was done too! So by the time the maintenance guys fixed my ceiling it was a full month after the first leak started! But that's not all. Not that long ago one of the tenants got arrested for making BOMBS IN HIS APARTMENT AND WE ALL HAD TO GET EVACUATED! That really makes me feel safe at home here......not. I agree with the other reviews that the fire alarm goes off pretty often. I also agree that the old windows let in a HUGE DRAFT in the colder months and a lot of unwanted heat in the warmer months. And don't be tempted by the pool--IT'S NOT FREE! Something they failed to mention to us when we asked if they had a pool when touring the place! And now they allow dogs (the first yr I lived here they only allowed cats didn't) and ever since there is always dog poop in the grass--apparently people don't pick up after their pets. But animals are great company.....for a price--you have to pay pet rent too! The hallways in my building are usually musty, stuffy, and have a strange smell. Really, I could go on and on, but I'll just leave you with one final word: BUGS.
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Seven Oaks Apartments

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