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Treetops Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
I stayed in Treetops for the two years (2012-2014) and here is my opinion on the apartment.. PROS:- Good Location. Walkable to Wawa and Septa bus stop. Very good maintenance. Most requests are honored in the same day. Grounds are maintained well. Also the roads inside are good and wide enough. Club house and business center with Wifi and printers is really helpful at times. No deposit if you are employed with preferred companies. CONS:- Costly. The rent they charge is pretty higher compared to others in the same area. I moved to a near by apartment saving 350$ per month in rent alone. Also beware of the steep hikes they bring every year even though the rent for the new guys were much lower. The quote I got was 1500 for my renewal when similar apartments was listed for 1200 in their website. Even the same apartment I was living was listed for 1300$ after I gave the notice to leave. Attitude of management staff leave a lot to be desired. Its mostly take it or leave attitude. Higher Electric cost. The room heaters are electric and in the winter expect much higher bills. My Dec-Feb month bills rose to 350-450$ range per month, up from 50-100$ otherwise.Also the heater is not effective during really cold weather when temp drops to teens(like this year winter). It was really struggling to keep up 65-68 degree inside and that reflected in my 450$ electric bill :). A gas based heater at my friends apartment in the same area was costing 100$ per month for the same time. Higher Water cost. They charge a flat charge for water (80$ for two people) and this is pretty higher compared to individual/shared billing. The one time Amenity fee (360$) will take at least 3yrs to break even comparing to 10$ per month as charged by most of the other apartments (some apartments like the one I moved in doesn't charge any fee). The gym & the pool are best described as mediocre. The AC/heater is pretty noisy especially if you are in the 1st floor. There are 3 units (for your house and the houses above you) which are kept next to one of your room and in the night they are extremely noisy. (Eventually you may get used to it. I stopped using that room). Also noise easily comes down from the resident on the top of your house. You can easily hear them walking or taking a shower at night. There is only one Garbage disposal area in the entire community. In the weekends it will be mostly full. Also in the winter, its a tough walk in the cold depending on where your apartment is located in the community. Do I recommend to my friends: Mostly No. But if you are new to USA and don't have any credit/rental history, this might be an option if your employer is a preferred employer.
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Treetops Apartments

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