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Treetops Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Avoid this place! Treetops recently started price-gauging all their existing tenants when it's time to renew your lease! You will pay over $100 more per month than your original lease. The positive reviews you have read most-likely come from those who haven't yet been hit with their obscene renewal offer! From asking around, this practice is fairly recent. So what happens if you try and negotiate a modest increase? The office staff plays dumb. Every time you ask a direct question about why something is the way it is, they are ambiguous and say things like "the computer sets that, I have no control". If you've ever tried speaking to Comcast or Verizon on the phone, they're exactly like that. I had a full year of perfect on-time payments, no requests for service, no complaints from neighbors, etc, but that means nothing to Treetops. Maximizing profits is priority #1 for Treetops. They will be nice to you in the beginning, like most apartments just trying to get you to sign. Be prepared to move in a year when they hit you with an obscene price raise! If unfortunately you do decide to sign a lease, read every-square-inch of it before signing! I've never gotten an email or written letter from their office that didn't have an obvious spelling error or completely wrong date, which they forgot to update from the last time they sent out their mass-mailings. Indicative of their lack of attention to detail. P.S. In September, 2014, a female resident was assaulted in the parking lot in broad daylight. If there's one plus for Treetops, at least they admitted this since it's required by law. So be careful!
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Treetops Apartments

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