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Treetops Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
This is a corporation owned property, do not be fooled by the smiling facing of the office girls. Pretty sure the more they make you'r life hell, the more money that are handed. I lived there a year, then lost my job and had to move out because they wanted to raise my rent a couple hundred. When I was late one month I was charged extra. Obviously I'm late because I don't have a job yet they tacked on many fees and refused to waive because of the situation but that is what you get from a corporate owned entity. Also be prepared to hand them money for no reason. This fee, that fee and the other fee. Yet when your calling to get something fixed you're told to deal with the issue. Also- the security deposit. Kiss that money goodbye. I spent HOURS cleaning my apartment before move out to the point you could have moved right in after me. I was told they are keeping my deposit because the cleaning required needs were t meant. Anything they can do to Squeeze a penny out of you they will. You have been warned. Look elsewhere!
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Treetops Apartments

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