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Ascent 430

430 Ascent Drive

Wexford, PA 15090



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beanguin • Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2019
You can hear your neighbors (below you, next to you, above you) pee. You can hear EVERYTHING that is going on in the apartments above, next to and below you. Yes - everything. Even though we pay for our water and sewage, the management team has ordered extremely low flow water valves to be installed. You literally need to dance around in the shower to find enough water to get wet. It's like the episode on Seinfeld, but much worse. Kids run around the complex yelling and screaming while they play hide and seek in the stairwells, breezeways and courtyard. Children in the fitness center playing games on the equipment, while adults try to workout. Neighbors often in nasty shouting matches with visitors - often at 2, 3 and 4 AM. Lots of party type tenants. Very loud and distracting. Cops are here a lot. If you happen to have a neighbor that smokes, the second hand smoke seeps through into your apartment - FREE SMOKING AND CANCER, Yippee. The pool area is like a bikers hangout in the Summer. Young adults drinking to excess, smoking when it clearly states 'no smoking, kids running around screaming. More rafts in the pool than you will find on a beach, loud music being played by numerous people. No chance at all to relax at the pool. The pool area is outdated and looks so. The wood is rotting and it needs a lot of work. The pool water is often dirty. The areas around the pool are often littered with trash. Fitness center carpet is ripped. Fitness center window treatments have been broken for more than a year and are not being repaired. Dog Dogs Dogs - if you like loud constant barking by dogs, you will like it here. Almost non-stop barking around the clock. A/C Units on top floor rarely work due to heat from sun and the manner in which the units were installed. Mine has been serviced at least 18 times and still does not cool the place when the temperature outside is above 70. The service man told me that the way the installation was designed for top floor units is the problem and it cannot be fixed. So if you like it hot - really really hot - get a third floor unit. You can hear every footstep above and below you. The drive/street around the complex is like Daytona 500. Watch out or you will die. Dog waste in every square inch of the courtyard. Many dog owners do not clean up after their dogs.
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Ascent 430

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