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Christopher Wren

501 Christopher Wren Drive, Wexford, PA 15090
(82 Reviews)
$1,570 - $4,035/mo

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3.8 rating

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Resident 2007 - 2013


So I've lived here since 2007. Paying $1315.00 a month for a 2 bedroom "luxury" apartment. You would think when I put my move out notice this month after being a non complaining resident for all these years (NEVER COMPLAINED ONCE about the noise issues the dog ---- everywhere, etc.) the office would be a little understanding after I woke up to GALLONS upon GALLONS of water falling on my head when I was sleeping. Soaked my whole bed. Scared the living ---- out of me. Let me mention this was on my brand new mattress that was over $2000.00. I turned it into my renters insurance because this idiotic apartment complex would not take responsibility. HOW is it MY FAULT that a water tank exploded and leaked all over myself through the ceiling from above me? Needless to say, I'm moving out early, this place UNSAFE and DISGUSTING. Serious water problems. I just am baffled that they would not take accountability for their actions. So unbelieveably unprofessional. Funny when I brought up all their bad reviews on Google too. The manager actually laughed in my face and said don't believe what you read. Well, BELIEVE it. Why would… See More>
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    Resident 2012 - 2013


    My husband and I are very happy here at Christopher Wren. The staff is very friendly and professional. The one time that we had an issue w/our bathroom faucet they were out in a timely manner and repaired it the first time. I don't understand the negative remarks. I do know that some of the residents here can be very snobbish. It should be common sense that management at any apartment complex cannot control what residents do or do not do, ie. picking up after their dogs (that should be placed on the residents' lack of respect for their neighbors)and how much noise your neighbor makes. Management has numerous times sent out notices telling residence to pick up after their dogs. Again, we are very happy here and would recommend Christopher Wren to our friends

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      Resident 2011 - 2013


      I have lived here over 2 years and I have loved every minute. It seems people only write when they have negative comments. If I ever live in PA again, I would come right back here. The management has been nothing but great to me. If ever something needs fixing, it is done correctly and right away. No negative comments on this review!

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        Resident 2009 - 2012


        residents do not pick up after there dogs, i cannot take my kids out here to play-crap everywhere- grounds are poorly taken care of as grass is clumpy and bare in spots-they only take care of around office and entrance-gym is small and equipment frequently broke and they take forever to fix it-place is good for 20-30 year olds or people waiting for house to be completed

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          Resident 2012


          Love this place. Pup loves it too ;) These negative reviews have me baffled. I've lived here for a month and my experience has been perfect. I'll give a brief review.... Parking - Hasn't been a problem. Noise - I live in a 3rd floor apartment, so that might be an advantage, but i haven't heard so much as a bump or a voice. It has been dead silent. Grounds - Absolutely beautiful. Lots of grass, trees, flowers, etc. Taking the dog for walks around the grounds is awesome. Safety - Doesn't get any safer than Wexford. I could drop a $100 bill on the sidewalk and it would probably end up at the leasing office waiting for me to claim it. LOL Construction - Appearance of these apartments is gorgeous. All of my friends who've seen the place are extremely impressed. The shower heads, faucets, outlets, and cabinets are on the cheap side; but who cares. Not a deal breaker by any means. Maintenance - Can't really comment yet. Had them come fix the microwave when i first moved in, and that's about it. He didn't show up for a few days after i placed the call, but when he showed up he was very quick… See More>
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            Resident 2011 - 2012


            Not a Luxury - More Like a Rip Off

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              Resident 2010 - 2011


              Mixed Feelings on the Ground Floor

              I almost liked this place. It's a shame that those who had the units constructed decided to cut corners in construction quality. Layouts are great, community is great, parking is great, amenities are great, safety is great, staff is great. This is the fourth apartment I've lived in six years and the absolute worse in ear-piercing loud floorboard creeks and hollow floors (which amplify and echo noise). Parking: Always great, including plenty of room for visitors. People do park in funny locations, though, because they must be lazy (open spots on some sides of the buildings not next to stairs). I don't know why some of the units have parking where cars pull in to face the units' windows and have no parking on the other side of the street where there are no units. Silly planning mistake. Noise: Here's my story. I've had two neighbors above me. First neighbor, never heard anything out of the ordinary. Period, end of story. If it was always him, I wouldn't have any complaint. Second neighbor, I don't know if they have overloaded (with weight) the bedroom with furniture… See More>
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                Resident 2011


                Awesome place to live!

                I have been in a Townhouse at Christopher Wren for a few months now and I couldn't be happier. They are in a perfect location that allows me to walk to great dinning and entertainment. The staff has been very helpful in many occassions, most recently with packages being delivered to my appartment. I really feel like they have my best interest at heart. Overall I couldn't be happier with my choice to live here.

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                  Resident 2011



                  This place is awful. Dealing with the people in the leasing office is a nightmare. The apartments are in poor condition. I felt like I was going to fall through the steps when I walked up them in my townhouse because they were so loose. The bathroom sinks smelled like mold. I could hear the neighbors above me everytime they walked. The upstairs was always super hot in the summer no matter how cold the air conditioning was set. It could be as cold as an ice box downstairs but a sauna upstairs. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

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                    Resident 2007 - 2011


                    Best place to live in Pittsburgh! Perfect location to Everything!

                    My husband and I have lived here with our 2 children in a 2Br 2 1/2 bath townhouse for four years, we could not have picked a better place to live! The location is near everything! (The car cruises at the church across the street every Friday in the summer are a hit, good time!!) I read about noise issues but this is apartment living (get a life),,,,if one doesnt want any noise, they should buy a single family house away from neighbors. Staff here are Great! Every issue the staff addressed quickly and with much care and concern! Due to relocating out of state, we will sadly miss living here! J.D Smith and family

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                      Resident 2009 - 2011


                      Don't know what all the complaints are for...

                      I've been very happy at this complex for almost 2 years now. I live on the top floor which may help with sound. Barely ever hear my neighbors. The appliances and construction is very good compared to other apartments I've lived in. Everything at least "looks" nice. I don't expect to have the absolute best quality cabinets, etc. in a place that I RENT. Parking is always available -- maybe not the very first spot, but nothing far away. Utility bills are average. Closet space is excellent in my 2BR unit. The only complaint I've had is the dog poo. Was an issue for a while, but either that tenant moved out, or CW took care of it. Would highly recommend.

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                        Resident 2007 - 2010


                        Loved it there all 3 years!

                        My roommate and I lived here for 3 years, and we were sad to leave...she got married and I obtained a job in the city and therefore moved closer to Pgh. But the 3 years we spent here were great...we never had a problem with much of anything. It was quiet with very minimal noise, maintenance was timely and fixed everything the first time, the office staff was friendly and helpful, the apartment itself was in great condition and we loved it, and when we moved out we had no issues. Our utility bills were normal/average and no more than I have paid anywhere else. Neighbors were all friendly. Parking is the only thing that was a minor inconvenience. I am not downplaying any issues any else on here had and have written about...I feel badly that they did not have the great experience that we had...it is unfortunate. I simply wanted to state my view on my experience.

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                          Resident 2009 - 2010


                          This place is a scam.

                          I moved out the end of September 2010 -- still had a little over three months on my lease. I continued to pay electric and rent through the end of my lease. When I moved out, they gave me a letter stating not to pay any remaining water bills, that it will revert back to them and they will send a bill to cover it. The issue - after the lease ended, they sent a letter stating that I owed $455 for my final couple of months of water bill. So they kept my deposit and wanted to collect on the remaining. My water bill each month while living there was on average of $50/month... how does that equate to $455 for about three months of time? I checked with the water company and there was usage in the apartment after I moved out - which means the complex was utilizing it for something (or moved someone in) while I was still paying on the lease. The complex did not return calls pertaining to this case. A month later, I get a letter from a collection agency for the remaining portion of… See More>
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                            Resident 2007 - 2010


                            Great place..if you're deaf, blind, don't cook and like paying high utility bills:

                            Poor construction is an understatement. You can hear everything; neighbors talking, walking across the floor above you, watching TV, having sex, urinating, etc. There is no overhead lighting in the dinette, and the kitchen is miniscule with cheap appliances. The carpeting is apparently selected to wear out in 1-2 years so they can charge you for excess wear and replacement. The windows are so bad that many people put plastic on the insides during the winter. The claim of Extensive Concierge Services (huh) and Executive Conference Center (a room with table and chairs, a worn-out copier and perpetually broken fax machine) is a joke. On the positive side, the outside appearance is good, the office staff is inflexible but very nice, and Mark and his service/maintenance team are top-notch.

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                              Resident 2009 - 2011


                              very happy

                              great access convenient to shops/stores/highways. very nice unit. excellent maintenace. great front desk service !

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                                Resident 2008 - 2010



                                Living in an apartment complex with a lot of people, you're going to have some issues that come about. A good management company takes care of these problems. This isn't one of these places. There is dog ---- everywhere, and pet owners aren't enforced one bit. There are less parking spots than places to live. So people are forced to park in areas which block others into their garages or makes it extremely difficult to maneuver. Have a noisy neighbor? Get used to it, they won't do anything about it. Aside from the management not wanting their tenants to have a slightly peaceful place to inhabit, the buildings are constructed so poorly that your heating bill will be at least $500 a month during winter. Better vaccuum your carpet every single day. If not, you're going to be charged for new carpeting. Back to the front desk, I can't emphasize enough that this "luxury" apartment has trailer park service. Look elsewhere, it isn't worth the hassle.

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                                  Resident 2008 - 2009


                                  some suggestions to avoid the bad after taste

                                  I just thought I'll post a few suggestions for people moving out of this apartment complex instead of trying to scare off the people trying to rent here because there are not many apartment complexes in the area and chances are, you will end up renting here anyways...despite of the bad reviews....what are you gonna do? there simply aren't many other choices in the area... 1. When you are ready to move out, make sure you insist on move out review (just like the one you did when you moved in). This move out review is part of the lease agreement, so they can not deny you. 2. Have them point out every single thing that they will charge you on and get this in their inspection check list in writing. 3. Then go about fixing these things yourself: a. you may be able to clean the carpet for a couple of hundred bucks whereas they will charge you for replacement. b. You might be able to paint the walls yourself for less than 200 bucks, whereas they might charge you for full professional paint job which is very expensive. This is despite the fact that they paint the apartment… See More>
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                                    Resident 2011


                                    Very Nice thank you coffee/breakfast from the managment

                                    management Provided free muffins, coffee and breakfast items as a thank you for the appreciation of all the struggles we had to go through for the maintenance they did to the complex. This means a lot. So this is a positive review as opposed of the negative one I wrote. Again thank you managment, that meant a lot to me.

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                                      Resident 2008 - 2009


                                      Do not rent here!

                                      We lived there for about 2 years and when we left we cleaned well but since they had rented the place out right away the managers wanted to put new carpet etc in so they charged us for new carpet. Also, they were rude and obnoxious and dinged us for every little smudge here or there. Note that when you sign a lease they have a separate sheet for all the stuff they plan on charging you when you leave (itemized charges e.g. 60$ for cheap blinds, each smudge will cost 20$). (Should have gotten a hint there when we moved in). If you do move here or are here, make sure that you take pictures and have a lawyer ready when you move out. I've rented about 10 other apartments and this is by far the worst experience we have ever had.

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                                        Resident 2008 - 2009


                                        Don't Rent Here

                                        I lived at Christopher Wren for over a year and if I had it to do over again I would have gone running out of the leasing office. The women in the office are some of the most unprofessional, rude and obnoxious people you will ever come in contact with...they were fine for the most part, that is until you want to leave. The apartments are built extremely cheap also, which is strange since the price of rent is so high. There are dog feces EVERYWHERE even though they charge such a huge pet deposit and monthly rent (that apparently goes to maintenance of the grounds), and nothing is ever done for repeat offenders. There are no lights in most parking lots and they do needless maintenance every year which makes parking TERRIBLE for weeks at a time. I had a $600 security deposit and cleaned that apartment WONDERFULLY (there is no such thing as wear and tear either) ALTHOUGH a gentleman in the building next to me did no cleaning and left alot of his belongings in the apartment and he received a friendly call to see if he cleaned in which he responded that he didnt because it… See More>
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                                          Resident 2008 - 2009


                                          Not recommended

                                          I have lived here for a year, and cannot believe how much noise I hear through my walls and windows. I hear it every time the neighbors turn on the water, urinate, shower, run the dishwasher, etc. You can hear every conversation at all times of the day. We even hear the sounds of footsteps outside with our windows closed and locked. Because of this, dogs throughout the complex are constantly barking and whining. Also, pet owners seem to never pick up after dogs. The staff s nice, but the complex is very poorly constructed. We have no room for pots and pans, and there is hardly any counter space in the kitchen.

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                                            Resident 2008


                                            So so

                                            My husband, daughter, dog, and I have lived here for 2 months now and I don't think the apartment is worth the amount we pay. I'm just going to itemize the pluses and minuses and maybe go into more detail about them. Pluses; beautiful landscaping, agreeable management (so far because I haven't had to complain about anything yet although I did have a conversation with a leasing agent who was extremely rude after we had already moved in. Mind you she was so pleasant when we were shopping for an apartment.), wonderful location, neighbors are not too loud or roudy Minuses; pop-up buildings, the carpet is the cheapest I've ever encountered (walking on it w/ shoes causes it to shed),walls are to thin, the apartment was superficially cleaned before we moved in (there was still grease and grime in the kitchen and in the bathrooms, when the air conditioning is off there is a faint odor, beyond the living room and kitchen everything appears cheap (linoleum in the bathrooms), overall poorly constructed, no elevators, you have to drive your trash to a dump which is half away across the grounds for us, there are… See More>
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                                              Resident 2008



                                              Christopher Wren apartments are okay..but are too expensive for what the apartment is worth. There is a lack of parking spaces and I can never find a space in front of my building. I live on the second floor and the noise from below me and above me is ridiculous. They are re-paving the entire community and its a big mess. An okay place but you can find a better place with more updated appliances for the same price, such as Ventana Hills.

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                                                Resident 2007 - 2008


                                                Love my apartment!

                                                I have been living here since October and I must say, I LOVE it! The only downside is the parking situation. Most of the time I can find a spot right in front of my apartment, but if I come home late at night, often times I have to park far away. I barely hear my neighbors other than usual apartment living things. It's very spacious, clean, beautiful...LOVE IT!

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                                                  Resident 2007


                                                  Beautiful Noise

                                                  The apartments are very pretty. The landscaping is exceptional. The staff is absolutely fabulous. The look of luxury -- beautiful. BUT, in adequate construction. The walls are very thin and if you live next to a garage, you hear ever door slam of a car as if the car was in your bed. If you are not a happy couple, keep your voices down when fighting, your neighbors can hear every work you say. And god help you if you have a neighbor above. Every step ---- clear as a thud.

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

                                                    1 Bedroom

                                                    One Bedroom- 895 sqft

                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 895 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,570 - $3,150

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                                                    One Bedroom-944 sqft

                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 944 sq. ft.

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                                                    One Bedroom-935 sqft

                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 935 sq. ft.

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Washer/Dryer
                                                    • Garage
                                                    • Off Street Parking Available
                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Fee: $250. Rent: $35. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: $35 month/pet. $100 pet fee for 2nd pet.
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                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Fee: $250. Rent: $35. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: $35 month/pet. $100 pet fee for 2nd pet.
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                                                    • Hardwood Flooring
                                                    • Kitchen Pantry in Select Homes
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                                                    • Microwave
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                                                    • Vaulted Ceilings
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                                                    Welcome to Christopher Wren Apartments in the beautiful, suburban enclave of Wexford, Pennsylvania. Minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, we offer open floor plans gorgeous interiors, and plenty of green space, all less than a mile from the shops and restaurants along Route 19.
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:30 PM
                                                    This community is managed by

                                                    Morgan Properties


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                                                    Asked on: 08/14/2023
                                                    Q: Is this a child friendly community?

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                                                    Based on 82 number of votes by renters, Christopher Wren is currently rated 3.8 out of 5 stars.
                                                    Christopher Wren is rated 5/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered excellent. The grounds are well kept and beautiful.
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                                                    Christopher Wren is rated 5/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered excellent. The noise level is consistently low and does not cause any disturbances.
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                                                    Christopher Wren is rated 4/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered good. The staff is generally helpful and responsive, with occasional lapses.
                                                    Managers have responded to 100% of their community reviews in the past year.
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                                                    Morgan Properties
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Fee: $250
                                                    Rent: $35
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: $35 month/pet. $100 pet fee for 2nd pet.
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Fee: $250
                                                    Rent: $35
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: $35 month/pet. $100 pet fee for 2nd pet.
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    2 Beds, 2.5 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2.5 Baths
                                                    Move in today with a security deposit as low as $250 or replace your security deposit with a low-cost Jetty policy. Ask our leasing team for details.

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                                                    Christopher Wren

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                                                    Christopher Wren is a 895 - 1,743 sq. ft. apartment in Wexford in zip code 15090. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2.5 Baths, and is for rent for $1,570 - $4,035. Nearby cities include Mars, Cranberry, Allison Park, Cranberry Township, and Freedom.

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