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Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
I was the one writing the review at 5-28-2005 and still living in the same apartment. this apartment has grown to a different thing for the past 2 years. the things I don't like: - the young, new downstair neighbor(s) (it's their 4th or 5th month) seems to love their friends too well and having parties almost every single day until late (by saying late, it's about 1-3 AM and they're screaming out of joy, or maybe out of their mind because they're too drunk?). lately the party only came on every monday. - parking has been a completely different issue. there are strangers' cars parked here and nobody knows which car is whose. so, if you came home after 10 or 11 PM, expect to do a short hike about 2 or 4 buildings away :) office staff can't (won't) do a thing because nobody else complains about it. - the constant lawn mower noise (doesn't change, it's summer anyway) - provided things started to go south unexpectedly (there are stuff bulging on the ceiling, maintenance guys said it's the roof support points, carpet started to plump at certain spaces, washing machine doesn't do what its supposed to do, etc) - there are too many complaints about many things that we never even see or hear or experience (noise, smell, stuff on the basement etc) - BUGS. these bugs are the real thing. I think it exists in every single apartment here. if some review says they never got bugs, good for them. I live in the 3rd floor and there are bugs here, coming from outside. there are no trees nearby any of my windows. - internet "high" speed connection. probably because my building is in the middle of nowhere, the high speed is mostly mediocre speed, just a little bit faster than your 56K dial-up I should say. I've tried cable service (through Service Electric) and DSL (through the oh-so-great Verizon that never stop working for you because their equipment fails you a lot of time) things I like: - montly bills: only need to worry about rent, home phone, tv, and credit card. - the serenity of the apartment during holiday times :) - field staff (dudes) are usually very friendly and willing to hear out compared to the office staff (the dudettes) - free bug spraying, free speedy maintenance request fulfillments, free electric! - nice neighbors on my floor (2 apartments are older people) and there are 2 more friendly and nice neighbor right below my floor, not the people right under my apartment though. - there are space for kids to play outside and there is a playground area nearby the office. so, in short, when you don't have a vehicle to go anywhere, don't need to worry. you can find almost anything nearby. grocery stores, office supplies, fast food, restaurants, electronic stores, malls, post office (pretty far), video rental stores, car repair shops, etc. there are a lot of dentists nearby the mall area, so no worry if you ate too much sweets :P
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Helfrich Springs

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