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Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I moved here because i was a college student and needed a cheap place to live.Living in the basement in the studio, I knew i was going to hear things, but I didn't expect it would keep me up ALL night, and could barely sleep. You'd always hear banging, foot steps and car alarms. It wasn't fun. The smell of the apartments was HORRIBLE. My neighbors were all foreigners, that couldn't speak a word of English to help themselves. Everything had a loop hole. They say that heat and Ac are included, but they have a temp control, where heat doesn't get hot enough and it doesn't get cold enough. After a week of living there, everything kept breaking. My shower, my sink, my stove, EVERYTHING. I had to keep calling them to come fix it, and sometimes they'd come right away, but it'd break again, or sometimes not show and i'd have to go to the office and report it as an emergency in order to get anything. The main people in the offices are complete -----, and i mean it in every aspect of the word. Usually they can fake a smile and be somewhat nice, but they're sarcastic, rude, and just plain mean. You ask a simple question and treat you as if you're a moron for not knowing, and that their apartments are way above you. When they're pieces of ----. If you have to do something at night, don't do it, you will not feel safe. I'm not racist, but i've seen some sketchy things happen. All the foreigners come out and watch you and talk about you in the rudest ways. Also once I was home and asleep and the repairmean barged into my room; i didn't even call them this time. it was for no apparent reason. Didn't even knock. Also all the other apartments besides the studios have washer/dryers in the apartment. Paying five bucks to do a SMALL load is so not worth it. The place seriously is terrible, don't move there.
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Helfrich Springs Manager


Our Maintenance Department thoroughly prepares each apartment for rent so it is in meticulous condition for each new resident. Maintenance requests are done in a timely manner and, unless there is an extreme emergency, our maintenance technicians never enter an apartment without permission from the resident. In addition, our staff responds to all noise complaints 24 hours per day. All maintenance requests and/or noise complaints are documented and completed. We checked the records for this apartment and no maintenance or noise complaints were ever received from this resident. As the electric is included in the rent, heat and AC have a setting of 72-74 degrees which is a very comfortable level. We rent to all individuals who qualify to our standards. We do have laundry rooms with full-size washer & dryers. Washers are $1.50 per load and dryers are $1.25. Our staff, both in the Leasing Office and Maintenance Department, strives to create a wonderful environment for our residents and we treat them with dignity and respect.

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