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Orchard Drive Association



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bluehorizons • Resident 2006 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2011
lived at the apartments for a little over 6 years- the place is in terrible shape- all the problems they promised to fix right away they didn't. Cracked kitchen floors, broken heat/central air, broken stove, toilets leak, walls full of holes, the paint they used was terrible and cracked and pealed after the first year. They never offered to repaint. They had a problem with the pipes and the whole apartment complex had a terrible gas like odor- when confronted about it they said they poured chemicals in the pipes and just to open the windows. When asked what chemicals they used they didn't know. Terrible service and dangerous to live here as well. The lights in the walkways are almost always out or broken as well as the parking lot lights. A man was stabbed just recently down the street in the same apartment complex. My car has been vandalized atleast 3-4 times since i have lived there. In the winter they don't plow till a week later, and as far as salting the sidewalks - they don't. The garbage is not picked up enough and stinks out the whole neighborhood. ---- the office manager is the Rudest most obnoxious person you will ever meet. The apartment is infested with skunks and squirrels- and yes i mean infested. The squirrels tear up the roof and insulation. It costs so much to heat the place in the winter and in the summer you are so hot even with central air. Everything is electric which is terrible when you have little to no insulation, which they will never fix. Do yourself a favor and keep on looking. This apartment is the worst one- worst in a lifetime. The walls are paper thin, you can hear your neighbors like they were sitting in your living room. The Bugs are gross! Tons of bugs and spiders all over the place. You can spray but they always come back. I could be here all day writing the bad things about this place, but please just don't waste your money or time here. Its not safe, friendly or worth the price- which they hike up by around 50 dollars in rent each year.
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Orchard Drive Association

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