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Ten East South Street Apts



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
I lived at 10 East South Street Apts for two years. During this time, I attended and graduated from Wilkes University. I was a private renter not with the dorming students. However, I have some interesting insight into this particularly interesting apartment building.<br><br>(ELDERLY THAT LIVE HERE ARE RUDE AND SET IN THEIR WAYS.) Let me first say that when I first moved in there were no contracted dorm apartments. At this time, my most pressing complaint was the harassing elderly people. I am a quiet person and do not bother anyone. However, when I would check my mail I would some elderly people would want to know what mail I received. Also, whenever I brought a grocery bag or item into the building, the elderly people would be vocal about wanting to know what I had bought. (I am leaving out the body odor of many of the elderly renters, but you can imagine!)<br><br>(STUDENTS WHO LIVE HERE ARE MESSY AND ARE LOUD.) I do not want to say that contracting out to Wilkes dorm students made the building dirty. However, before they contracted to Wilkes University the building was cleaner than after the constract. This probably was due to the amount of renters doubling, but sometimes I would see beer cans crushed on the elevators. As for the loud aspect, yes, they are loud. Do not defend yourself Wilkes Students! I am/one of you. I admit I was loud, but during daylight. However, many of the students were loud after midnight and I called the police on some of them.<br><br>(CITY OF WILKES BARRE DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE GARAGE THAT IS UNSAFE AND UNSECURE.) The garage is very scary to park in, but you have absolutely no choice. First, it is not gated and anyone can park in the garage and steel your spot. Second, since it is not secure, it is unsafe (bad neighborhood). The nearest garage other than next door was/is a mile away. In essence, no one runs the garage. Yes, it does belong to the city, but when you need someone towed, you will be told to call someone who then tells you to call someone else who then tells you they don't have any affiliation with the garage. Poor Joyce (the leasing manager) deals with people's frustration, but the garage does not belong to the apartment building. <br><br>(BEST PLACE TO LIVE DOWNTOWN.) Honestly, I did some apartment hunting and if you need a downtown apartment building, choose 10 east south street. I'll tell you why. There are a few downtown. If they are not for elderly only, they are not as well kept and spacious as 10 east south street. However, if you can live outside of Wilkes Barre, I highly, highly suggest it, because eventhough the city is doing construction, the crazy people, shootings and stabbings, drug trafficing, homeless, prostitutes yelling outside at 2am, and rude police will never change.
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Ten East South Street Apts

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