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Colonial Spring Townhouses



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
The cost of these places have gone up and the quality has gone down. I moved in when it was brand new, looked great; green grass, nice sidewalks, clean roads.<br><br>Now, the sidewalks have been torn up for months, my driveway and walls are sprawling badly. They structure inside is comfortable but everything is cheap. I don't know how many times I've had to relocate towel racks, etc because they keep falling out of the wall.<br><br>The association fee is higher than most places that are kept up better, yet the garbages are always overflowing, ice is never removed from the sidewalks, hell, it's not even plowed well in the winter.<br><br>Parking is the worse, I can barely back out of my garage. They tore up the nice island in the middle to put parking which in turn made it worse!<br><br>Neighbors either keep to themselves or are rude or walk around looking in your windows when they talk there dog out to do it's business (on your back walkway!). Many people don't clean it up.<br><br>They talked once about putting in a play area for the kids, that was three years ago. Still nothing. The grass in the summer is dry and dead.<br><br>The water heaters inside are small. If someone has a short shower before you, you'll have to wait a bit for the warm water to return. The kitchen water takes forever to warm up. The central air and heating is great (but only in the living room, it doesn't make it through the whole house).<br><br>No cable, dish only. Doors are improperly installed. I'm going to have to fix mine. Walls dent very easily (I have kids). Paint touch-ups became very noticeable after about a year. That's when the white paint turned off-white.<br><br>Toilets need to be flushed twice because of the "water saving feature." How much water do you have to save just so you don't have some mellow yellow sitting there stinkin' up the house?<br><br>Overall, this place is a joke. My neighbor had to replace is driveway out of his own pocket. He called them to fix a hole that formed. They did (I'll give them credit there), however, it only lasted four months. The hole returned and they didn't come out the second time. How cheap of product do they use there?<br><br>Stay away from this place. If you are looking into a small place, look elsewhere. Even if you are poor, there are better places. My sisters townhouse cost a lot less than mine and it's upkept a ton better. The difference is about two feet off of each room. Not a huge difference.<br><br>STAY AWAY, STAY FAR, FAR, AWAY!!!
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Colonial Spring Townhouses

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