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Stonewood Village



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oscar119 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2005
I lived there for 7 months. We originally moved there because there were the one of the only places that allowed pets. For which they charge a monthly pet fee and a $150.00 pet deposit for each. Save yourself the effort and if possible buy instead of renting.<br><br>Good things: They allow pets, which is hard to find this day in age in a rental property. Although no pits, dobermans, rottys. I don't see the reason for no dobies or rottys, but OK. They plow the sidewalks for you although not always right-away.<br><br>Bad things: We were supposed to move in Jan 1st but wanted to move in one day early to be moved in by the 1st and so they charged us $20.00 for that day. Kids(under 14)running around late at night(10-11pm), tenants screaming outside their house about killing people, etc. Entirly the "wrong crowd" moving in. I felt like I was living downtown. Also it was very badly insulated to keep it at an average of 78 degrees in the winter our heating bill was around $200.00 a month. And all of the windows are very drafty to where you can feel the draft coming in.<br><br>Also being charged $300.00 when we left for "painting" because there were "marks on the wall", there was one mark on the wall, and we cleaned everything in the house before we left. It was where our full cloth couch rubbed against the wall but by no means would it cost more than $20.00 to have their maintnance paint that wall. Were talking white paint here not the newest designer colors. Besides the fact that we didn't smoke in there and the walls were freshly painted when we moved in. So out of a $500.00 security deposit after it was all said and done when we moved out I got $20.00 back. <br><br>Also our office manager when we first moved in was very very nice. However they switched office managers about 3 times in 7 months, and the newest one can really treat you like dirt if you have bad news for her. She gave us the 3rd degree when we told her we were leaving. If you are the manager you should always be nice, IMO even if tenants are leaving and say "sorry to see you go".. Not at all how we were treated.<br><br>What's the general rule? Have a good experiance you'll tell 3 people. Have a bad experiance, you'll tell 10.<br>
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Stonewood Village

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