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The Reserve at Copper Chase



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
MUST READ IF CONSIDERING MAKING THIS YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!! As soon as my girlfriend and I were called "lame" for not wanting Tina Hall(the property manager) to take our picture for their Facebook page we should've left....but the lease was signed and we were excited for our first apartment:( The next morning I get a call saying we owe and extra $70 for a mistake on their part.... Tina says if I refused to pay(which I never did, only questioned why we should pay for that) she'd have no problem taking us to court(threatened us). At this point I had to call my grandma(who is older and Caucasian) to come and talk to this woman because she's trying to intimidate us into paying for her mistake! My grandma comes in, talks, then all of the sudden Tina will contact her manager and work it out..... okay cool we don't have to pay the money now... a couple months later they're replacing all the windows in the community, we get a note on the door saying that they'll be sending another message with a date that this will be happening so you can have your pets secured and your belongs away from the windows because maintenance will not be aloud to move anything. Me and my girlfriend just get home from work to see all of our belongings moved from the windows!!!! Our cats were terrified hiding behind the washer and dryer because those stupid ----s came in without notice(110% was illegal). I call TINA angry at the fact that this has happened and she had the nerve to come back with attitude and I contacted her boss who made her apologize and give a stupid gift(tiktok: Shayelyne harleman it's there go see it + a lil story time???????) We later found out that Tina no longer worked there and there's a new property manger. We have 1 month left on our lease and the ceiling above the dryer is leaking. We followed everything our lease said to do for an after hours emergency. Emergency maintenance fixed the leak coming in and out of our apartment with NO MASK!!! Then the next morning we leave early at 9a.m and come back before 10a.m. to a note that at 9:15a.m. Maintenance came in to "check the leak". None of the maintenance people wear masks so we get back into our apartment after 2 unmasked men entered during a global pandemic!!!!!! Get back our cats are hiding, terrified again, hiding behind the washer and dryer. This time we had to move the dryer to get them out and calm them down! I'm frustrated because this is the second time this has happened but under different management. These people gave me the run arounds saying they didn't do anything wrong they were following protocol to the T, yet 3 unmasked maintenance men were in our apartment, there was no emergency the next morning, and we were given no notice. After a couple days I finally get a email response from Christy Wentz(2nd property manager) and she says she'll call me after her call. I wait around for a call until I finally just walked down to the office to see Ms.Wentz not even on the phone. So I'm sure you know the conversation still got me nowhere. I wanted them to at least acknowledge that them not wearing masks and coming into apartments is wrong and that there was no emergency. A week later I try contacting Christys email to give my new address for my deposit..... it's undeliverable because her email no longer exists. I called the office, which isn't easy anymore because they never answer, and there's a new property manager, Christy no longer works there.... like this place is a joke at this point. We are so happy that we're out of that place after a year of stressing in our "home" feeling unsafe in our "home" and simply having no privacy in our "HOME".
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The Reserve at Copper Chase

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