18 Holiday Decor Tips for Small Living Spaces


18 Holiday Decor Tips for Small Living Spaces

Cassie Damewood · Dec 3, 2019
A cheerful and affordable holiday decor scheme for an apartment living room

Seeing giant trees go up in stores and larger-than-life holiday displays through the picture windows of sprawling homes is inspirational — until it makes you think about how little space in you have in your own apartment to decorate for the season.

No worries! With very little money and a ton of creativity, you too can create a merry atmosphere in your small space home that will be as jolly and joyful as anything you’ve seen on the street.

Tiny Trees

Purchase a tree top (the prettiest part of many large trees) and decorate it just like you would a six-footer; using tinsel, ornaments, and a crowning star or miniature angel on top. If you can’t find a tree top for sale, go to a Christmas tree lot and gather assorted branches of various sizes. You can then arrange them in a container at home to fashion your very own “tree.”

Winning Windows

Go retro and stencil your windows with artificial snow. As an alternative that’s not so messy, outline the windows with colorful ribbons and hang up a painted frame in front of it that’s decked out with ornaments and lights to create a beautiful display.

Table Talk

End tables can easily be transformed into winter wonderlands with fluffy cotton snow and tiny paper trees decorated in assorted colors. Even better, try hiding small bags of candy under each one for holiday guests to take home. For a dining table that screams  Christmas spirit, dress yours up with a holiday tablecloth, candles, and a few bright napkin rings.

Garlands Galore

Wrapping stairway railings with sparkling garlands both inside and out couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Intersperse the wraps with small bunches of holly or felt to add wonderful touches of red and green to your entire apartment.

Mantel Magic

Whether you have a real or faux fireplace mantel in your apartment, you’ll find it incredibly easy to transform this area into a holiday haven. Just lay out baskets of mini-ornaments, a display of Santa and his reindeer pulling a sleigh, or even a tiny nativity scene on the surface.

Fun with Furniture

Decorating dining room chairs is both easy and fun. Just choose wide ribbon with sparkles and wrap the backs in it. And don’t forget the table legs! As a matter of fact, why not extend the holiday decor to all the tables in your hallways, bathroom, and bedrooms?

Christmas Coat Hooks

Create an illusion of a winter wonderland in any climate using the coat hooks in your entryway. Hang some sleigh bells from one, a tiny sled from another, and colorful Christmas scarves and knit hats from the others.

Regal Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for the front door. Hang them on interior doors, walls, or anywhere else you want to celebrate the season. Mix in creative wreaths made from ornaments, pine cones, and mistletoe to offset the standard pine branch creations.

Bookshelf Creations

Attach dangling tree ornaments to pieces of assorted ribbon. Carefully tape them to the surface of your bookshelves so they hang down in front of the books at assorted levels.

Door Decor

Wrap your front door in wrapping paper and add cross ribbons and a bow to make it look like a giant present. You can also use this technique to transform framed wall posters into holiday decorations.

Door Frame Fun

Cover your door frames with removable holiday tape, using different designs for the indoor and outdoor frames to create some truly eye-catching interiors.

Shake Up Your Shelves

Remove all the family photos and knickknacks from the shelves in your place. Then cover them with decorative doilies or cloth napkins, and decorate away! Candles, ornaments, Christmas cards, snow globes, snowmen, and tiny characters like the Grinch, Santa, elves, and reindeer all dress up shelves as charming as any department store display.

Book Jackets

Cover the outside of your favorite oversized coffee table book with felt. Cut out silhouettes of reindeer, Santa, snowmen, elves — whatever your favorite characters happen to be — and glue them to the front of the felt cover.

Early Present-ation

Wrap presents for friends and family early, without skimping on the ribbons, bells, and pine cones. Then create a tantalizing gift display in a corner or on a window seat. If you use mail-order companies to send your gifts, simply wrap up empty boxes and stack them in an attractive fashion to make it feel like Christmas Eve all month long.

Decorative Dishes

This brightly-colored holiday decor gives the Christmas season a fresh new face.

Holiday-themed plates and cups are abundant at most dollar stores. Pick up a few and use them to create a shelf display, or present them in a glass-doored hutch cupboard. Plate hangers are also ideal for showcasing festive pieces on walls in the kitchen or dining room.

Winsome Window Sills

An arrangement of pillar candles on a window sill creates a lovely “silent night” atmosphere both indoors and out. The type with tiny flickering battery-powered lights inside is safest and most long-lasting.

Magnificent Mirrors

Decorate the frames of your wall mirrors with glitter ribbon, angel hair, or tiny white lights to softly add a touch of Christmas to the room. You can also apply this technique to picture frames.

Pillow Talk

Holiday pillows are everywhere these days, and many are very affordable. Toss a few on your couch, overstuffed chairs, and bed to add a little holiday joy to every room. Best of all, you can pack them up when your done and use them next year.

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