Bringing the Cottagecore Design Style into Your Home


Bringing the Cottagecore Design Style into Your Home

Lisa Wright · Dec 9, 2021
Super cozy interior decked out in all the trappings of the trendy cottagecore aesthetic.

The design world has been permeated with cozy cottage feels lately – vintage, nostalgic, and often floral styles that evoke a classic, crafty feel that’s one with nature. While this may seem like the total opposite of other popular design trends like midcentury modern and minimalism, cottagecore is definitely having a moment this year. According to experts, it will continue to be one of the hottest home trends well into 2022, too.

But what exactly is cottagecore? Picture a charming English country cottage with stone walls. Then take that one step further, and picture an English tearoom with floral, eclectic, and lived-in feels. Throw in a nature-based color palette where your grandma’s vintage tea pot feels right at home, and you’re well on your way to understanding this homey design trend.

While cottagecore isn’t limited to interior design (it’s also found its way into fashion and pop culture, along with having an ubiquitous presence on social media), incorporating it into your home is definitely a great place to start, whether that means mixing it up with some vintage, nostalgic pieces or completely embracing the whole Laura Ashley-inspired tearoom vibe.

Below are some of the best ways to bring the charm of the English countryside into your home with this nature-inspired, nostalgic, and most of all, cozy aesthetic.

Living Your Best Plant Life

Wall-mounted ceramic planters

One of the best ways to embrace the cottagecore trend is to work some greenery into your decor. Because this trend is based on a harmonious relationship with nature, creating a bucolic setting in your space is a great place to start. Curate a cozy plant corner, dedicate an entire plant wall to your favorite greenery, or simply place a few eye-catching plant varieties throughout your living room, and you’re well on your way to getting that calming cottagecore vibe.

Try It at Home: These Ceramic Wallscape Planters from West Elm are perfect for the prospective plant parent.

Fab Furniture Fun

Having the right furniture is also a large part of the cottagecore trend. Think vintage, antique pieces with a rustic feel, sort of in the vein of farmhouse chic. There’s no right or wrong answer here. of course – just focus on pieces that are comfortable, lived-in, and cozy. Warm woods are key, as are repurposed or upcycled pieces. Handmade pieces also go a long way here, as long as they have that rustic country look to them.

Try It at Home: Not ready to take the plunge with vintage or second-hand pieces? Then try this floral Wide Armchair from Wayfair, which makes for yet another great way to embrace the trend’s more botanical side.

Victorian and Vintage China

Adorable cottagecore ceramic dishware available on Etsy.

There’s a definite Victorian feel to the cottagecore trend. It might be the whole cottage tearoom thing, or it might be its focus on natural, delicate floral touches. Whatever it is, vintage plates, bowls, teacups, teapots, and more are definitely at the forefront of the trend. From a room that’s fit for high tea with a cozy tea table, chairs, and vintage-style tablecloth, to an accent wall dotted with mounted plates, there are all kinds of ways to revisit the Victorian era right in your own home.

Try It at Home: Cottage vibes abound when you create an accent wall with vintage mounted mismatched plates. Try this set from Etsy to really feel like you’ve stepped into a 19th-century tearoom in rural England.

Bucolic Botanicals

Incorporating greenery in the form of houseplants is just the beginning. To truly embrace the cottagecore trend, nature is key, and that can mean anything from flowers (fresh or dried) to wall art and fabrics with a botanical motif. Think vintage art, like framed nature prints (bonus if you use a vintage frame!), wall decor like this set of vintage butterflies, and second-hand wicker baskets filled with lovely dried blooms. Feel free to use your own creativity here, but if you need help, there are plenty of DIY cottagecore ideas online, too.

Try It at Home: Even big retailers like Target are getting into the cottagecore trend, as shown by this Tulip Shaped Woven Basket— perfect for storing that big cozy quilt of yours!

Other Cottagecore Inspo

Lacey cottagecore accents available on Etsy.
  • Vintage rugs work beautifully to create that cozy cottage feel. While genuine vintage rugs can often be expensive, you can often find vintage-esque rugs on the cheap, like this one from Urban Outfitters.
  • Think fabrics complete with dainty florals and patterns like stripes and checks. Lacy touches work well, too!
  • Create a room that even Bilbo Baggins would be jealous of by stocking vintage wall-mounted shelves with old books and stationery. You can often find these at flea markets and second-hand shops at reasonable prices that won’t break your budget.

The cottagecore trend continues to permeate social media, to the point where it’s now more like a lifestyle to some. To create this trend in your own home, just channel those English countryside vibes: cozy, botanical, floral, eclectic, and oh-so vintage. We can almost hear the tea kettle whistling now as we sit in our plant-filled, book-lined study, living our best and coziest lives.

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