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12 Balcony Garden Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Lisa Wright

 · Sep 29, 2022

An apartment balcony can make the perfect outdoor extension of your space.

Everyone needs a little greenery in their life, though taking on houseplants can seem intimidating at first.

Lisa Wright

 · May 19, 2022

1-800-Flowers’ 2021 “Plant of the Year” award is credited to the red maranta plant.

Bonface Landi

 · Jun 24, 2021

Americans generate approximately 40 million tons of food waste each year — most of which gets thrown into landfills. And since there are about 2600 of those already the country, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden estimates that the average household throws away two pounds of organic waste each day.

Hana Ames

 · Oct 27, 2020

Nothing is more mouthwatering than fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of their ripeness. With their alluring aromas, scintillating colors, and intense flavors, it’s hard to believe these treasures are natural phenomena.

Cassie Damewood

 · May 28, 2020

Healthy houseplants require little attention during the spring and summer. During these times, the home is filled with fresh, warm air and the sun streams into every room, so all you need to do is keep them moist for them to thrive. But then autumn creeps in, followed by those long, chilly days and nights […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Dec 10, 2019

Small container gardens are becoming more popular now that a lot of people are choosing to live in smaller homes and apartments. One of the things that really bummed me out when I first started living in my first apartment was having to give up my large backyard garden. However, I eventually learned that many […]

Cole Nemeth

 · Jul 5, 2018

One of apartment living’s biggest drawbacks is its extremely limited (or non-existent) amount of outdoor space. Without a designated garden area, it can be quite difficult to grow plants, flowers, or herbs—but it’s not impossible. Growing plants indoors is actually pretty easy and can make your place look and feel fantastic.

Ramona Branson

 · Jun 13, 2017

Every weekend, my town plays host to a fabulous farmers market. Local growers bring their finest produce, meat, eggs, and honey for community members to swarm around and buy in bulk.

Beth Fitzjarrald

 · May 11, 2017