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5 Tips for First-Time Pet Parents

Megan Foukes

 · Jul 5, 2022

One of the greatest joys in this world is being able to have a furry friend by your side.

Maybe you dream of breeding Saint Bernards or running your own reindeer farm – but while you’re living in an apartment, those aspirations had best stay on hold.

Teresa Bergen

 · Mar 15, 2022

Getting a dog has the potential to make any house feel like a warm, loving home. Unfortunately, having a dog in an apartment can also be demanding, especially if it’s located in a busy part of town. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that any dog you do decide to get as a renter […]

Bonface Landi

 · Sep 14, 2021

Cat lovers really go out of their way to gain the love and attention of their feline friends. Cat treats, boxes of toys, pillows reserved solely for their frequent naps — the list of what these people do for their pets is practically endless. Most cats, however, remain aloof and annoyingly independent, no matter how […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Mar 10, 2020

Changing residences, especially moving to a new state, boggles your mind with important considerations. The quality of schools, weather, cost of living, transportation options, etc. all need analysis to fit the most needs possible.

Cassie Damewood

 · Mar 5, 2020

Allergies are a serious problem for many people, with reactions ranging from flu and cold-like sniffling and sneezing to severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, the word “allergy” has been greatly

Cassie Damewood

 · Sep 12, 2019

You finally moved into your new place, and now you’re looking to adopt a new pet. When it comes to furry friends, cats are (perhaps unsurprisingly) more popular than dogs — mostly because of their simple needs and fairly solitary, self-sufficient lifestyles. After all, you don’t have to worry about a cat getting bored or […]

Juliette Moore

 · Apr 4, 2019

Having a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and seeing a wagging tail and getting plenty of dog kisses. It can be especially comforting to have a dog during your time as an apartment dweller, which can often feel a little too nomadic […]

Ramona Branson

 · Aug 30, 2018

If the privacy and solitude you once craved in apartment life grows old and you start to feel a bit lonely, a simple solution is to add a pet to the family.

Cassie Damewood

 · Aug 2, 2018