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5 Tips to Find the Right College Roommate

Jessica Lee

 · Jul 25, 2023

Whether you’re an incoming college student feeling anxious about your potential dorm roommate or a budget-conscious graduate student preparing to embrace adulthood, choosing a compatible roommate can be a challenging endeavor.

Renting an apartment can be a daunting task, especially when you’re moving alone. Fortunately, roommates are there to help! Renting with a roommate can save you money, help build new connections, and provide a better renting experience.

Jessica Lee

 · Jun 16, 2023

As a renter, one of the biggest expenses you’ll face is the actual cost of rent. Unfortunately, rising rents have had a significant impact on the overall quality of life and  experience of renters. A recent Zillow article analyzed the 50 largest cities in the U.S. and compared the impact on rent affordability in cities […]

Jessica Lee

 · Apr 5, 2023

The reality of apartment living is that we often have to share our home base with a roommate, whether it’s a friend, partner, or even a (heavily vetted) stranger.

Lisa Wright

 · Feb 1, 2022

Moldy dishes, dirty clothes, spoiled milk, mildewed shower tiles, bags of garbage (or, worse, garbage scattered all over the apartment), overflowing litter boxes, and a toothpaste-laden sink—living with a messy roommate can be a unique form of odorous, cluttered hell. Regardless of how you found your roommate—through the world wide web or through a friendship of ten years—you’ll probably need to address the issue of apartment cleanliness at some point in your rooming relationships. This article contains tips for dealing with a messy roommate in a constructive way. You might not be able to persuade a persistently untidy individual to help keep your apartment absolutely pristine, but you should be able to make your situation much more tolerable.

Bonface Landi

 · Sep 21, 2021

Are you co-renting an apartment with other people, but your name doesn’t actually appear on the lease agreement? If you aren’t the lease-holder but are roommates with someone who is, you may be legally referred to as either a sub-tenant or co-tenant. In circumstances such as this, you have rights nearly indistinguishable from the tenant […]

Juliette Moore

 · Apr 14, 2020

For a lot of young and/or single folks, choosing to go in on a lease with a good friend makes sense on a lot of levels.

Juliette Moore

 · Jul 30, 2019

“After college, I got an apartment with an old friend from high school,” says Brooke, a 25-year-old media relations assistant living in Washington, D.C. “We were both single and loved going out. It seemed like the perfect living situation until my roommate started dating a guy from her grad program. All of the sudden, I had a third roommate. He hung around the apartment while she was in class, eating my food and hogging the bathroom. I didn’t even like the guy.”

Juliette Moore

 · May 28, 2019

Finding a good roommate is as difficult as finding a good life partner. The chemistry has to be right. You don’t need to agree on everything, but there does have to be give-and-take, mutual respect, and open, honest communication. And much like taking a leap into a romantic relationship, there are no guarantees that the […]

Cassie Damewood

 · May 16, 2019