Apartment Living Gift Guide


Apartment Living Gift Guide

aptsherpa · Dec 7, 2005

Almost everyone has an apartment-dwelling pal or two. And whether your apartment-renting friends are young or old, male or female, liberal or Libertarian, they’ll always appreciate a unique gift that helps make apartment living easier. Such gifts can range from cheap to expensive, colorful to demure, and big to small, but they’re all focused on one thing: making apartment living easier.

Furniture Storage Gifts

1. As noted, storage space is always at a premium in an apartment. Coming up with creative and attractive ways to store one’s possessions is a necessity. Finding two uses for everything is the way to go in a small apartment. Storing big items could require big commitment—or you can just get the right furniture. If you really love your apartment buddies, splurge on some under-bed storage or a padded bench. You can go frugal or fancy with this storage, or stick in a middle range with this classy storage bench. The bench seat lifts up to give your apartment pal a place to keep everything they can’t keep anywhere else, and no one will know about it but you and the recipient of your thoughtful gift. This sleek and attractive bench shows that storage, even from Target, doesn’t have to be boring and plastic (though sometimes that’s just what you need).

Kitchen Storage Gifts

2. In the kitchen, you can try something big or small to help out with storage. For something big, try a rolling kitchen cart that can be wheeled in and around and out of the kitchen to save valuable maneuvering space when preparing meals. If you’re looking for a smaller option, magnetic storage units are an excellent way to create more storage space without hogging counter space. These shelves will be a godsend for the apartment resident who wants to save storage space in the refrigerator and kitchen. Keeping small items such as sauces or spices in this rack will clear up room for bigger items in bigger cupboards, and the magnetic surface can hold cute magnets (possibly homemade) or even just any old magnets holding up important messages.

3. An over the sink dish drainer is also a great time- and space-saving gift for the apartment dweller with a small kitchen. Rather than stacking dishes in a dryer near the sink and taking up valuable counter space, or spending lots of time drying dishes, an apartment resident can turn a sink into a miraculous space-saver. And if you need to use the sink at any time, simply move the drying rack out of the way temporarily. Easy as pie!

4. Saving kitchen space is also easy to do with a hanging pot rack to clear up counter, cabinet, and stovetop space. Choose from many varieties in the previous link, or enable your apartment ami to build his or her own with these helpful tips and the assistance of a Husky or barbara k! tool kit. Any tools can come in handy for an adventurous apartment resident; doing it yourself (if you at least kind of know what you’re doing) is sometimes better than waiting for maintenance to stop by, or opening yourself up to maintenance nightmares.

5. When purchasing storage containers, you’re not required to get something generic. Look for creative storage items that will help your apartment friend make a statement while hiding particular items. These adorable melting snowmen canisters are great for holding flour, sugar, or other kitchen items, and could also serve as toothbrush holders or bathroom storage. They’re also extremely festive and original; if you have a buddy bold enough to use snowmen canisters in July (after all, that is a time when they’d be melting, anyway—right?), definitely consider these beauties.

Beyond Storage

6. Of course, your apartment pals need some storage, but they definitely don’t want all the holiday gifts they receive to be focused on storing their stuff. You can remain conscious of your friends’ living situation without seeming to force organization by considering a screen divider as a gift. A screen divider can be an excellent gift for the apartment dweller who wants to create some structure or division in a studio apartment or an apartment with only a few rooms. A screen is an excellent way to partition off a bedroom, office area, or other private or “unsightly” section of your home. Screens can range widely, from heavy, expensive solid wood screens to lighter fabric screens to some, like this ironwork screen, that are mostly open air and provide a theoretical, rather than a physical, barrier. Screens can be great places to hang artwork or pictures, or, in the ironwork screen’s case, candles. Thinking vertical is always important for the apartment resident.

7. Thinking vertical can mean coming up with creative ways to hang items. Instead of cluttering tables with pictures, try this nifty photo trapeze for flaunting your photographs. You could even rig several of these on a room-dividing screen, creating a beautiful showcase of friends and family. A hanging mesh storage item is also a good gift for the apartment dweller whose shoes clutter the entry way or who has items strewn around every room. Hanging storage doesn’t have to be hidden in a closet, either–it can become a decorating strategy in its own right. If your apartment-occupying friend has children, or is just a child at heart, consider this adorable giraffe clothes rack. Not only will it keep clothes organized, but it will also lend an element of fun to your friend’s apartment.

8. As mentioned, those who live in apartments don’t just need storage, they also need stuff to store in it. Don’t feel compelled to limit yourself to just very practical gifts, and don’t think that practical gifts can’t be fun. Every apartment needs a corkscrew, and what could be a better candidate for bottle-opening than these adorable parrot corkscrews? Small and easy to store—always a helpful characteristic for the apartment dweller—these parrots are also fun, unique, and sophisticated. Rather than a generic corkscrew, your apartment pals will be able to impress others with not only the wine they bring to the table but also the corkscrew they open it with.

9. These amazing rechargeable lamps bring bright color and adjustable light to any part of any home. When they’re charged up, they can emit light for up to 8 hours, allowing them to illuminate areas of an apartment where cords can’t reach or would cause clutter. These completely original lamps are sure to spark conversation while they softly pulse in the background. Moreover, their small size will allow them to light up the awkward nooks and crannies that can result from trying to fit a certain amount of stuff into a limited amount of space in an apartment.

10. In addition to the storage solutions, vertically oriented space savers, and unique but practical gifts suggested above, don’t be afraid to get your apartment dwelling friend something out of the blue that’s relevant to your friend’s personal interests. And regardless of what you purchase, it’s the thought that counts, and your friend is sure to appreciate your generosity.

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