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8 Halloween Treats for Apartment Living: Easy Recipes for Small Kitchens

Jessica Lee

 · Oct 16, 2023

Spooky season is here, and that means it’s time to whip up some delicious treats to enjoy or bring to a Halloween-themed bash! But if your kitchen is on the cozy side, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with simple and space-efficient recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your love for all things […]

Maximalism is the design equivalent of “going big or going home,” characterized by loud colors, unique patterns, and a mixture of textures worked into a space through clever layering and repetition. Minimalism will always have its place in contemporary decor, but the bold styles of maximalist design continue to win the hearts of renters everywhere. […]

Emily Gleeson

 · Dec 15, 2022

A lot of folks need brightening up as we head into 2022 (and the third year of a global pandemic). Lucky for us all, Pantone has just declared the cheerful and uplifting “Very Peri” as 2022’s Color of the Year. From design and architecture to beauty and fashion, all kinds of industries rely on Pantone, […]

Teresa Bergen

 · Dec 30, 2021

Temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and there’s apple picking and pumpkin patches wherever you look.

Lisa Wright

 · Oct 14, 2021

When you toured your rental home for the first time, it’s likely that you braced yourself when you looked at the bathroom. Ranging from the “eh, it’s okay” to wondering if you’ll just skip showers for a year, rental bathrooms are often the most polarizing room of the house. That doesn’t mean that they are […]

Ramona Branson

 · Jul 10, 2018

There are certain elements in a home that should always remain classic, such as white bathroom fixtures (what exactly were we thinking with those multicolored toilets in the 1950s?). Of course, it’s also fun to keep up with modern-day design trends so that your home always feels fresh and exciting.

Ramona Branson

 · Jan 4, 2018

Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting and heartwarming experience. Often initiated by a major life change such as a marriage or the birth of a child, cohabitation signifies the beginning of a cycle — much like the planting of seeds does when growing a garden. But with all that being said, […]

Amanda Ray

 · Nov 30, 2017

Moving to a new city can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re transferring jobs, starting school, or simply wanting a change of pace from your old city, it’s easy to feel a little out of place in a new area.

Ramona Branson

 · Aug 10, 2017