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Renter’s Advice and Resources

9 Easy Steps to Replace a Light Fixture

Hana Ames

 · Aug 18, 2020

Replacing a light fixture can be a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up an apartment — or maybe the fixture that’s currently in there is just in dire need of an update. Either way, why hire an electrician to change it when you can give it a go yourself?

A ray of golden sunshine can make your day — unless it’s shining in your face while you’re trying to get some much-needed sleep, of course.

Cassie Damewood

 · Nov 14, 2019

Bachelor pads have been around for as long as single men. Even the popular “man cave” is just another offshoot of the concept — a cheap knockoff of what used to be referred to as a nobleman’s nest, a king’s kingdom, or a prince’s palace. While today’s man caves typically consist of little more than […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Nov 15, 2018

Architects seem to love big windows more and more with each passing year. Compare today’s structures with a few from the 60s, and you’ll notice that the windows have significantly increased in size, even in buildings with relatively small floor plans.

Cassie Damewood

 · May 22, 2018

When we move into a new apartment, we’re usually eager to scope out the amenities and the storage areas, the square footage for our furnishings, and the floor—to see what sort of covering we’ll need, if any. But the lighting? It barely rates a once-over…unless the fixtures are unique and REALLY make an impact. For instance, […]

Eva R. Marienchild

 · Mar 29, 2016

If you’ve stopped at your local Home Store in the last 2 years, you’ve probably noticed a quickly expanding light bulb section. Gone are the days of 60W or 100W options. Now you can choose your shape, technology, lumens, and more. Huh?? Stress no more. Here’s a quick guide to finding what you need. Did […]

Beth Fitzjarrald

 · Jun 10, 2015

By Julia Ingalls How can something as simple as a light dramatically transform your living space from a basement crash pad into a chic, relaxing apartment? The truth is that lighting isn’t just a frivolous accessory; it can change how we perceive our surroundings, which subsequently affects our mood. Many apartment dwellers erroneously feel that […]

Oh My Apartment

 · Jul 15, 2013

Apartment lighting is key to providing a functional and relaxing living environment. You don’t have to break the bank to find ones that will provide you with the lighting that you need. There are many cheap, yet functional options that can work in almost any apartment. You have to make the distinction between decorative lighting […]

Staff Writer

 · Jan 6, 2011

Using lighting is one way to make a small room or apartment look bigger. Living in a small apartment has some benefits, but if you’re starting to outgrow it but don’t want to move, try adjusting the lights. You’ll need to do more than work with lighting, but this is one step that can make […]

Staff Writer

 · Sep 2, 2010

An interior lighting plan is essential for creating the right amount of illumination for undertaking daily activities as well as relaxing in your apartment. Therefore, it’s important to facilitate a plan in order to decide on placement and install the proper fixtures for your particular decor. Survey Your Lighting Needs Before you draw out a plan, you’ll need to assess […]

Staff Writer

 · Jul 29, 2010