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Renter’s Advice and Resources

5 Tips to Find the Right College Roommate

Jessica Lee

 · Jul 25, 2023

Whether you’re an incoming college student feeling anxious about your potential dorm roommate or a budget-conscious graduate student preparing to embrace adulthood, choosing a compatible roommate can be a challenging endeavor.

Moving into your first apartment is one of the biggest rites of passage for a young adult. Just as moving into a dorm room from your family home was a landmark occasion, this transition is also exciting, a little scary, and most of all, challenging.

Cassie Damewood

 · Sep 25, 2018

College roommates naturally spend most of their time together, and because of that, it is important that clear boundaries are set and maintained. Without rules, the chances for stepping on each other’s toes are rather significant. As you approach the move-in date, consider getting together to set some ground rules to ensure that both of you feel […]

Staff Writer

 · Aug 18, 2016