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Renter’s Advice and Resources

5 Decorating Mistakes That are Making Your Apartment Look Smaller

Lisa Wright

 · Nov 22, 2022

While recent trends have many apartment dwellers downsizing into smaller units, there are still those among us who will always yearn for more space.

Summer is far from over, with plenty of simmering days and warm, lazy nights on the horizon as we head into August.

Lisa Wright

 · Jul 21, 2022

As more people choose to live in bigger cities on their own, studio apartments are becoming an increasingly viable option. Most studio apartments consist of a single room that’s used as the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom.

Cole Nemeth

 · May 23, 2017

That new apartment bedroom, especially in an apartment in a big city, can feel tiny right when you move in. But size is relative when it comes to bedrooms and there are numerous adjustments you can make to the way. Keep Only the Essentials You’re going to need the extra space, so by cutting down […]

Eli Kooris

 · Nov 15, 2014

Small spaces in a home can be decorated in warm and cozy way or if done incorrectly, can appear cluttered and cramped. Furniture for small spaces is one of the most important factors to consider. The furniture in a small space can make or break the space and should be thought through thoroughly before purchasing. […]

Staff Writer

 · Jun 15, 2010

A small hallway can really make an entire apartment feel cramped and stuffy. Walking down a dark narrow hall can create the feeling of being in a dark cave which is not a great atmosphere to have in a home. Some tips and tricks to open up the hallway and make it appear more airy […]

Staff Writer

 · May 24, 2010

It is possible to have big style in a small space. Studio apartments, small rooms in a residence or rooms without much wall space can be easily decorated to fit your furniture and show off your decorating style. Below are five tips to decorating a small space with big style. 1. Think Vertically Using available […]

Staff Writer

 · May 21, 2010