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Renter’s Advice and Resources

How to Build the Ultimate Sick Day Kit

Megan Foukes

 · Jun 21, 2022

No matter what you do to prevent germs and illness, it always seems to creep up at the worst times.

Every generation of apartment dwellers has contributed to the food choices and cooking methods that go on to become reflective of their times. Tuna noodle casseroles, Top Ramen, Hamburger Helper, and the likes kept young adults alive for decades. Hot plates gave way to toaster ovens, which in turn begat microwaves. What never changed were […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Mar 12, 2020

While habits are often portrayed in a negative light, good habits like bathing, brushing your teeth, and feeding your goldfish can also be established. The best part is, incorporating patterns into your daily life that boost your physical and mental health is easy — especially if you ease into them and allow them to bloom […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Dec 4, 2018

I go full foodie in the summertime. Gardens are growing, farmers markets are teeming with fresh goodies, and family cookouts are running late into the evenings. Unfortunately, my love for food can sometimes overstretch my budget.

Beth Fitzjarrald

 · Jul 11, 2017

Apartment living is often demanding, and one of the best ways to keep up with those demands is to engage in healthy dieting. Don’t be one of the many apartment dwellers who live on take-outs and fast food restaurant meals for most or all of the week. You may not suffer the negative health effects […]

Staff Writer

 · Sep 10, 2010