Renter’s Advice and Resources

Renter’s Advice and Resources

Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Composting

Hana Ames

 · Oct 27, 2020

Americans generate approximately 40 million tons of food waste each year — most of which gets thrown into landfills. And since there are about 2600 of those already the country, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden estimates that the average household throws away two pounds of organic waste each day.

Small container gardens are becoming more popular now that a lot of people are choosing to live in smaller homes and apartments. One of the things that really bummed me out when I first started living in my first apartment was having to give up my large backyard garden. However, I eventually learned that many […]

Cole Nemeth

 · Jul 5, 2018

Bringing some greenery into your home is a quick and easy way to turn a dull apartment into a relaxing glen of natural beauty. Unfortunately, not all apartments or lifestyles make it easy to keep plants alive. Here are some recommendations for the best plants to match your needs and bring some nature into your […]

Beth Fitzjarrald

 · Jul 7, 2016

There’s plenty of indoor gardening help available, because more people are catching on to the benefits of having a garden. Renting used to make it hard to grow a garden. You don’t always have access to a yard, porch, patio or deck. You can only grow a few things in flower pots on your window […]

Staff Writer

 · Aug 9, 2010

There is a multitude of gardening advice in bookstores and online, but very little of it will be helpful to a beginner that plans on gardening indoors. While gardening is a relaxing, fun and productive hobby, learning indoor gardening basics can be quite difficult. Below is some indoor gardening advice for beginners. Do Your Research […]

Staff Writer

 · Jun 4, 2010

With just a few indoor gardening tips, you can grow vegetables, herbs and other plants your first time around. You’ve made a great choice to plant a garden inside your apartment. You’ll reap both health and fresh air benefits from it, as well as the pleasure of using what you grow in your apartment for […]

Staff Writer

 · May 17, 2010

Gardening products are not all created equal or designed for use in an indoor garden. Indoor gardens require special tools that will work in smaller spaces and that are easily storable. Below are 5 indoor gardening products that you can’t live without. Fabric Gloves Cotton fabric gloves are an essential for an indoor gardener. Fabric […]

Staff Writer

 · May 12, 2010

Bonsai trees are miniaturized versions of the trees we see in nature. Because the trees have been genetically altered, it’s important to follow a routine schedule of bonsai tree maintenance in order to preserve their beautiful forms and keep them healthy. Prune Excess Branches and Roots Bonsai trees go through a period of dormancy. Therefore, it’s essential you […]

Staff Writer

 · Feb 24, 2010

With more and more people turning to indoor gardening, they’re wondering which to buy: Light -Emitting Diode, or LED grow lights or Fluorescent grow lights. In the fluorescent grow lights category, you have two options: High Pressure Sodium lights and Metal Halide lights. Gardening enthusiasts have drawn the lines and chosen sides, but now you […]

Staff Writer

 · Feb 23, 2010

Window box gardening is an excellent way for an apartment dweller to enjoy the rewards of enjoying plants and harvesting vegetables. All you need is a little know-how and you too can appreciate a window box garden of your own. Choosing a Window Box Container The choice material for a window box container is wood. […]

Staff Writer

 · Feb 22, 2010