Renter’s Advice and Resources

Renter’s Advice and Resources

Top 5 Universal Tenant Rights

Cassie Damewood

 · Jul 19, 2022

Whether you’re new to the tenant scene or you’ve been renting for the last 20 years, every tenant has rights. Here are the top 5 universal tenant rights throughout the US.

1. Right to a safe living space

People are more likely to have disputes with their neighbors than anyone else, and the most common cause of those disputes is noise.

Hana Ames

 · Nov 5, 2020

Thanks to the immense popularity of Pinterest and other online crafting sites, it seems like everyone is now crazy about DIYing to work some added style and personality into their homes. Whether your dresser is in dire need of a new coat of paint or you are looking to put some new hairpin legs onto […]

Ramona Branson

 · Apr 10, 2018

Owning a house used to be one of the first steps on the path to the American dream. But with market prices rising all over the country and no relief in sight, that concept seems to be rapidly changing. A recent report by the Pew Research Center even found that more U.S. households are headed […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Mar 6, 2018

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience, right?

Cole Nemeth

 · Oct 19, 2016

One big concern when you share walls with other folks is how to reduce noise. There are ways to lessen noise pollution and help make your space more comfortable and more private, by using fabrics and furniture placement effectively. Soundproofing Walls with Heavy Fabrics That obvious echo you hear when you walk into an empty apartment […]

Staff Writer

 · Dec 22, 2009

If your dog won’t stop barking (and so, sadly, your neighbors see you as that person with the “annoying barking dog“) it can be very annoying and cause problems for yourself and your neighbors. This article will explore three ways you can quiet your dog, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Classic Obedience Training There […]

Jordan Gaither

 · Dec 11, 2009

In the wrong area, an apartment can become annoyingly saturated with the sounds of vehicles, people or even natural sounds like waves and wind. This article will detail a few simple decorating tips to reduce exterior noise. Reinforce your Curtains As the first line of defense between your apartment and unwanted noise pollution, your curtains […]

Jordan Gaither

 · Dec 10, 2009

When you’re living in an apartment, you have to rely on your neighbors to be quiet so that you can get some sleep. Many apartment complexes even make quiet hours a matter of policy, setting certain hours during which tenants are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Unfortunately, not all neighbors are considerate, and […]

Oh My Apartment

 · Dec 8, 2009

Talking to neighbors before moving into a new apartment is akin to calling references when hiring a candidate for a job. They provide a view of your prospective selection that you can’t gain from a one-time visit. When deciding what questions to ask those who already live in the neighborhood or building, explore what aspects of apartment living affect you […]

Staff Writer

 · Nov 29, 2009