Renter’s Advice and Resources

Renter’s Advice and Resources

Construction crews can create a lot of hassles in apartment buildings, from noise and interruptions to damages and worse. And while nobody wants scaffolding blocking out the sunlight or window cleaners staring right into their bedroom, it’s important to know what to do when situations like these inevitably arise. Here’s the good news: as a […]


 · Aug 5, 2021

Time is a precious commodity everyone wishes they had more of. And while there’s no way to increase the number of days in a week, there are lots of ways to transform and improve your space fast.

Bonface Landi

 · May 20, 2021

You’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams, and it has a fireplace! It doesn’t matter if it’s a working fireplace or an older one that’s been sealed off for years — fulfilled dreams are almost always immune to specifics. But then you move in and realize it doesn’t quite fit with your décor. In […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Jan 2, 2020

The uncomfortable reality of renting is that it is, as the term would imply, rented space as opposed to being owned. When it comes to apartment maintenance and upkeep, what’s expected of tenants can differ from one rental to the next.

Juliette Moore

 · Oct 29, 2019

Almost every home comes with a set of design challenges. Sparse kitchen cabinets, tiny windows, creaky steps — unless you design it yourself, creativity is key to making it all work. While low ceilings are typically only a problem in basement or attic rooms, high ceilings are more prominent in converted warehouse/industrial spaces and houses […]

Cassie Damewood

 · Nov 1, 2018

Getting gifts for a DIY home renovator that are eco-friendly is perfect for anyone who either loves the planet or saving money-or both. “Greening” one’s home can make a home more energy-efficient, leading to major savings when it comes to utility bills. 1 – Window Film A most basic of green supplies for the DIY […]

Staff Writer

 · Jan 19, 2010