Why You Need to Paint Your Bedroom Black ASAP


Why You Need to Paint Your Bedroom Black ASAP

Staff Writer · Nov 15, 2022
Simple black bedroom creates a surprisingly cozy effect.

Bedrooms need a refresh every few years, and a great way to achieve that is with paint. Rooms are typically brightened up with white or neutral colors, but what if you want something bolder? Should you go so far as to…paint your bedroom black?! While the thought makes some people nervous, black has been making a comeback as a color to embrace, even in areas like the bedroom where neutrals have long since reigned supreme.

If you’re thinking of dabbling in the black arts, look no further than this go-to guide covering different styles and inspiration, ways to accessorize, and how to choose between the most popular black tones making waves today.

Maximalist Style

Black bedroom adorned with maximalist antiques and vibrant houseplants.

Image courtesy of Firefly + Finch

“Dark and moody” bedrooms have been popping up on lots of interior designers’ social media channels, where maximalist styles are often used in conjunction with darker palettes. This style has been around for centuries now, making its mark in Victorian homes and collegiate settings where melancholic paint colors are more common: think old-world libraries, apothecaries, and sophisticated studies. This dark academia translates beautifully into the bedroom for a mysterious, fantasy-like feel.

Create your own Hogwarts-inspired space with large bookshelves stacked with classic novels and other knick-knacks like globes, compasses, or old camera equipment. Accessorize with ornate gold-encrusted mirrors, antique portraits, and plush, soft fabrics that make grand statements against dark walls.

Maximalist Furniture

Hand-me-down and quality antique furniture work well in black maximalist bedrooms, especially wood pieces and Persian rugs. These add warmth and character with timeless looks that will last, rather than go out of style in a few years.The moodiness and drama of black walls can be brightened with burgundies, golds, bold oranges, and greens; and softened with textures like velvet, faux leather, and rich, luxurious upholstery.

Long, draping curtains with elaborate patterns, opulent chandeliers, and brass light fixtures round out the whole look. Plants that do well in low lighting like snake plants, parlor palms, and ZZ plants will thrive in your newly painted bedroom — and they look great against a black backdrop.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist black bedroom with contemporary lighting fixtures and striking bare walls.

Minimalist black bedrooms look just as stunning as their maximalist counterparts, with stark walls that take on a gallery-type elegance. They can be left bare or adorned with modern art and a few well-placed plants. Prints work fine for this, but don’t skimp on this feature — cheap, mass-produced art from big-box stores usually won’t cut it. Art is the way to make your statement with a minimalist bedroom, just remember to keep it simple. Sunlight can give the room a certain Baroque wash, but you don’t necessarily want antique portraits up. Abstract and contemporary works or black and white photos look stunning, but stay away from large, clunky canvases. You want sleek, effortless design and a monochromatic color scheme.

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist furniture includes low-profile bed frames with little to no headboard. Wooden crates or simple cubes work well as bedside tables and storage. Bookshelves should be limited, with just a few favorites on display. After all, you don’t want to take the eye away from the stark blackness of the walls.

Midcentury modern furniture makes a stylish statement against black walls. Find pieces that err on the sleek side rather than the ornate, and pair them with dressers and tables that are long rather than tall. Similarly, simple wall sconces above the end tables are great choices for minimalist lighting. Ditch the chandelier for a simple fan-light combo, or make a statement with a modern brass or black metal ceiling light that blends seamlessly into the background.

Popular Black Paint Colors

Different shades of black paint.

Like white paint, there isn’t just one shade of black. Some will be cooler (more blue tint), while others will be warmer (more brown or orange).

The way light hits a room is crucial when picking out the right shade. Tape a few different paint swatches to your bedroom walls and look at the way the natural light hits each tone, paying extra attention to the way the colors change from morning to night.

Black paint absorbs more light than white does, but it will still play with the undertones of the color you choose. Sunlight will also add an element of airiness to the drama of your dark and moody bedroom. Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black is a versatile, deep, neutral black that looks great with any accent color. Onyx by Benjamin Moore is another popular dark black with very few undertones. Both are true blacks with an LRV (light reflective value) of 3, which is quite dark. If you’re looking for something a touch lighter, Behr’s Limousine Leather has an LRV of 4.

Paint Finish

On top of the color of the paint, you’ll also need to decide between an eggshell or matte finish. Eggshell will add more sheen to the walls, and light will reflect and bounce off nicely. On the other hand, eggshell will also show more wall imperfections than matte.

Matte isn’t as commonly used for walls, but an increasing number of people are opting for this low-sheen look for their black bedrooms. Walls will need at least two coats of paint, and a lot of patience when cutting into the trim and ceiling, as black paint isn’t forgiving when it comes to clean up. What you’re left with is a refreshingly stark and clean new look that can still feel bright in its own way.

Black paint is often thought of as esoteric, and while it may suit the introvert more than the extrovert, it’s a color that has more versatility than most people think. So try it out. Paint your bedroom black. We have a feeling you’re going to love it.

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