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51 Front Street, Cumberland, RI 02864
51 Front Street, Cumberland, RI 02864

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River Lofts at Ashton Mills



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Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended

Reviewed 05/12/2011

My boyfriend and I have lived at the Ashton Mills for almost 3 years now. When we first rented out our apartment, we were so excited. It was close to everything and the property was nice. The management was also ok. As time went on we realized, that this place wasn t wonderful. The parking situation is terrible. No words can describe! The apartment complex is so big, that there is no place to park if you come home after 8:00pm. This means you have to walk a good mile to your apartment, or just don t go out period. This is even worse in the winter when it is cold. People double park, park on the grass, and most of them are guest, that don t even live there. (There is no assigned parking!) As you are aware the Ashton Mills allows pets. This is great if you are a pet owner. There are pet stations all over the property, where you can clean up after your animals. Half the population of residents are respectful of their pet messes, but some people are just plain inconsiderate. They leave dog poop all over the grass and walkways. It is not that bad in the summer time, but this winter has been terrible. It was so bad, that the fenced in dog area behind the B lot was completely covered in dog poop. It was unsanitary and completely gross. Management did nothing about this. They sent out notices, letting people know they could get fined for not picking up after their animals, but nothing was ACTUALLY done. Also, if you are living next to someone who has a dog...the walls are paper thin. We used to have this neighbor who would work at all hours of the night and his dog would HOWL! Our bed used to be next to the wall where the dog was. There was nothing we could do, this was a one bedroom apartment. The dog would keep us up all night and howl most mornings around 5:00 and 6:00am. We knocked on this guys door, called maintenance, the main office, and even the police. Nothing was done. This went on for about 4 months. It was truly terrible and it wasn t even the dogs fault...it was the owner! INCONSIDERATE people Now, we have neighbors who have an infant and the infant screams at all hours of the night. This is fine if you can sleep though anything, just be aware! The train goes by at all hours of the day and night. The main office will only tell you they go by during the day, BUT this is not true. Some nights the train will go by so fast and blow its horn so loud, you cannot go back to bed. (This could happen anywhere between 1-6am and maybe if you re lucky another train would come by.) Also, you cannot leave your windows open at night, because when the train goes by you might as well be sleeping right on the side of the track. I can t even tell you how many times I have jumped from the bed out of a sound sleep. (So you need to leave the AC on during the summer and that could get expensive. Also, in the winter the heating bill is divided among the residents, by how many sq ft you live in. Not by what you use...Not fair! Especially if the person above or below you has the heat on 90 all winter. You are going to be paying for that! There is nothing you can do...) In the back of the A Building there is a nice river walk, with tables, chairs and grills. Watch out if you want to grill. Some night we couldn t even get the grills started. They were so old, and rarely filled, they wouldn t even turn on. Also, depending on the night the river gives off a terrible smell. It sometimes smells like dead fish or trash. If you want to rent the community room, it is a great place to hold a party. Just be aware if other residents want to hang out, they are more than welcome. We have held multiple parties, and a few residents felt the need to barge right in the middle of the party. When we spoke to the office about this problem, there was nothing they could do. All the residents pay to use the community room, and the main office claims they should have accesses to it even if you are holding a party. Most residents were nice about just looking in, but a few of them were very rude in the manor they joined our party. One guy and his girlfriend started to play pool while we were playing and let his dog go off of his leash. If you are looking for a starter place to live or don t plan on staying here very long this place is ok. I know there are places that are a lot worse. The only reason we stayed so long is because we are building a house and as you know this process takes awhile. Our rent started off being $999.00 a month for a year plus utilities for 700 sq. ft. Not bad, then the rent started to go up we locked in at almost $1300.00 again without utilities. If we were to pay month to month the rent would have been $1600.00 That s the price of a mortgage for a house not a 700 sq ft apt! So just shop wisely and know what you want! Also...be careful walking from your car to the building at night and make sure your car is locked at alllllllllll times. Last year the Ashton Mills was having serious problems with break ins. One guy had a soft top jeep, that got cut open and things were taken. 2 very nice cars were jacked-up and placed on milk crates. All four tires and rims were stole. Other cars also got broken into and multiple things were stolen. Multiple people complained, but nothing was done because the cameras dont work! The outside lights are always burnt out at night too. Didn't make you feel too good! The tunnel from the upper lot was also scary!!!!
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River Lofts at Ashton Mills

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