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Trafalgar East



Resident · 2001 - 2014
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Office Staff
I lived there 13 years and dealt with more managers than someone changes their drawers! I stayed because of the scenery regardless of the drama and BS from management. Maintenance was well worth sticking around also - they don't mess around and fix things right when their leash from management is off. They were also very professional. I had a surrounding of terrific neighbors - there was one woman who survived the fire in Bldg 1 a couple years ago who is a total class act and I adored to bits, and another who proved to me that no matter what life deals you - everyone can find a real genuine love with a pretty terrific guy! The other neighbors were quiet and I barely knew they were there. Now to the reason I am gone - They got in this new woman as manager who was in the Army reserves and I thought awesome we'll have a friendly connection being my dad and brother both served etc. I even had my American flag on my patio - which came to be the reason that started the problem with (divorced) ---------------------------. (Who I found out later was fired for embezzlement! KARMA sucks LMAO) I also had an EMPTY red gas can on my back patio with literally NOTHING in it but btwn that and the flag the Warwick Fire Inspector ( who ----- wrapped around her finger ) teamed up with --------- to force me out. Either I agree to leave or lose (mind you I am DISABLED) my Section 8 assistance. So does this place suck? Absolutely and they will do anything and everything to screw your life up! Mind you this isn't the only game they tried to play with me!! Avoid this place at all costs and don't be fooled!!!
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Trafalgar East

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