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Franklin Woods



Resident · 2012 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I don't know what you guys are talking about, to be honest. We work from home and are here almost 24/7, so we would know if this place has issues. 1. Never seen cockroaches/mice/rats here. Sometimes there are moths in the hall when someone forgets to close the complex doors. Not management's fault. They can't be here at all hours. 2. Yes, maintenance can be slow to respond to calls, but they are VERY nice and VERY apologetic when they have to show up on short notice, which we appreciate. It's clear they have a lot on their plates. 3. The carpets do have some stains. So what? When we were getting our apartment, we saw how hard maintenance was working to get the place in good condition. Short of replacing the carpets, they did what they could. I'm GLAD they don't have new carpets. 1) That would mean no pets, and 2) That would drive up the rent. 4. We have been here for a year and only ONE TIME has someone come in here when we're not home. I would know - trust me! If they come in, it's because there's an emergency and they need to fix something. The ONE time they had to come in without us, I know for a fact they did nothing else and did not snoop. 5. Management is VERY, VERY nice. Amy can be cranky if you're giving her a hard time (I only know this because I heard a tenant being really rude to her), but she has a very good heart and legitimately cares about people. She's just exhausted. Peter is awesome and really goes above and beyond for the tenants here. Best of all, they respect your privacy and treat you like a HUMAN, which is pretty remarkable considering how many apartments they have. 6. Our complexes are on SAFE, QUIET property. The only neighborhoods around it are full of families and the homes are quite nice. We also like that we're mostly surrounded by woods. Lots of trees. It gives the property a secluded feeling that's really appreciated. 7. Maybe it's just our complex, but I have never seen "waterfalls in the hallway." 8. Snow is a pain in the neck. Absolutely. They did plow, but they didn't plow behind the cars. However, I'm not exactly sure how they're supposed to. We all went out with our shovels and helped each other get out. Maintenance would have had to shovel - by hand - behind every car to free all of us, which is NOT POSSIBLE. It's like you guys think they're robots. They're people, and there are not many of them. Be glad there's a plow at all. At most rentals, you have to dig out your own driveway. God forbid you have to clear out a patch of snow 3x2 feet. 9. The washing and drying machines do suck. No doubt about it. They're bad. That I can agree with. But there's no room for more, and even if they got new units, they would burn out pretty quickly with the amount of work they have to do. 10. We've seen the cops here 3 times in the past year. Maybe we're just not observant. They left every time with no arrests. I'm guessing they were domestic argument/abuse calls. There are a few couples who fight like cats and dogs, but they fortunately save it for the afternoon. 11. Yes, the person who blasts Evanescence and Shania Twain AT THE SAME TIME almost every Sunday afternoon is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Have I complained to management? No. Therefore, can't really complain. And hey, it really seems to make her happy. I like to think she has severe OCD and is stuck in an embarrassing ritual and can't help herself. (If you're reading this, music girl, please turn it down.) 12. Walls really aren't paper thin. If someone bangs on the wall, you will hear it. If someone is hammering above, below, or beside you, you will hear it. We don't really hear any other noises, though. Once in a while, a dog barks. That's what you get when you move to a pet-friendly place. If you don't like it, go to a place that doesn't have pets. Some of us are here BECAUSE our pets are allowed. 13. Heat always worked for us. 14. The doors are not really level and not screwed into the hinges well, but if you're capable of using a screwdriver, you can fix that in no time. The construction gets a 3 because of that. 15. I have never seen "nighttime critters" in the halls. Never seen pet food in the halls either. The only cats I've seen running loose are from the surrounding neighborhoods. Keep in mind that we have been good tenants. There have never been noise complaints against us. We've never been late paying our rent. We don't bother anyone. We're nice. We don't give maintenance/management a hard time. Maybe we got lucky with our building, but it's like some of you guys are describing a completely different complex. Rating breakdown: 3/5 on parking because you might have to drive around for a few minutes to find a spot. 4/5 on noise because you can hear people hammering/banging once in a while, but not a big deal and not often. 4/5 on grounds because I wouldn't call it a "thing of beauty" but it's attractive enough. 4/5 on safety because it's not really well-lit, but I've NEVER been concerned. 3/5 on construction because the doors weren't really level when we moved in (you had to lift the door a bit to get it to shut). 3/5 on maintenance ONLY because there are not many of them. I feel like it would be 4/5 or 5/5 if there were more. 5/5 on staff because they honestly do the best they possibly can and management is extremely helpful and legitimately nice. 4/5 overall.
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Franklin Woods

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