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Alta Shores

2605 Elms Plantation Boulevard

Charleston, SC 29406



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
To All;<br>I have been a resident for roughly a year now and I can say without a doubt that the staff is not concerned with the well being of the tenants. The monthly socials that everyone (undercover employees for Alta Shores) keeps raving about are nothing more than an excuse to serve cheap wine and stale chips. Yes they hear your concerns but they do not "LISTEN". There is a big difference. Example: You call the front desk to complain about noise. Guess what? Tough!! They have no control over the occupants of the building. They won t address it period. They rely on the Rent-a-cops for every issue that should arise. I have had my car broken into twice since I have been here. This place makes Detroit look like the Hamptons and we are in North Charleston, SC. I strongly agree with the staff members needing to seek employment at a fast food restaurant. The Staff are one mistake away from filling out a Denny s Application. Every positive review here has been written by a former employee or current Staff member of Alta Shores. What a disgrace!! Enough of my Ranting Let us get down to the facts.<br><br>1. Very poor construction.<br> -Little to no insulation between layers of sheetrock. You can really here everything from music to conversations. <br><br>2. The grounds could use work.<br> -Cigarettes, trash, etc. <br> -They pressure wash the stairs and walkways once a year. It wouldn't be so bad if they had someone who cared doing it.<br> -During the Holidays the Dumpster was overflowing with trash. Trash was piled up along the walkway all the way to the dumpster. I was forced to dispose of my trash at my place of business. Ironically, now they have initiated a penalty for leaving your trash outside your door. I strongly agree with a penalty for trash being left outside the door but if the trash bin is full what should we as tenants be expected to do with our trash? Well my guess is this is a prime example of seeing an opportunity and going with it. SHAME ON YOU ALTA SHORES!! That s easy money at the tenants expense (Maybe to pay an embezzled Dumpster fee??) <br>3. Staff<br> -As you can see by the reviews from this website all positive have been by Employees or friends of said Employees. This should be proof enough as to where the loyalties of the staff lie. The staff here would like you to believe Alta Shores is the perfect apartment complex and the Staff is wonderful! Extremely unlikely I think. This establishment preys on the local college students and Navy Nuclear students due to the fact that they are young and na ve. I mean no insult to the students however this is Alta Shores stand and I am merely trying to make potential renters aware. If you move into this establishment be warned that this is a place of business first! Tenant s fall somewhere down the line but know that the Staff is not here for you. You are on your own here and swimming with the sharks.<br>
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Alta Shores

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