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The Gardens at Ashley River



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
Been here for almost a year, we (husband and I) plan on moving out soon (reasons below). I have enjoyed my stay here, but then again I dont think Im hard to please. PROS: The view from our front door is actually quite nice :) I love the trees and greenery in building E, even with all the dead grass, its still very nice to come home to the smell of grass and leaves after rainfall. Its charming in its own way. We've had no bug problems of any kind. None. We dont hear any loud noises from within the apartment (though we do if we're out on our balcony area). A couple of things are broken, but again, they're minor and fixed soon enough. Our electric bill is anywhere from $80-150, depending on what time of year it is. I do not feel unsafe, and I am petite white woman. Yes, even after a cop was shot and killed here. There are a lot of Jamaicans living here, and they have been nothing but kind and courteous. I never feel creeped out, even though I often sit alone outside at 2 or 3 in the morning. CONS: Maintenance is a little slow. We've had to remind them of service requests, but usually they're very quick, especially when its urgent (a pipe under my kitchen sink broke very suddenly, one time). The bathtub isnt really fitting for taking baths, which is unfortunate, because I love baths. There is nothing to plug the drain, and it looks pretty grody on the inside. Not a huge problem, but I really wanna take baths. The inside of the apartment is pretty dark. Its probably because the windows are wide instead of long, and the breezeway has a covering the blocks out the light. Its the main reason im moving--I just want more natural light. They do a LOT of repair on the water systems here, and shut off the water for hours at a time. We're normally not home when this happens, but it does happen every few weeks. The building is old, so the kitchen floor looks stained. It just always looks dirty, no matter how much I scrub the crap out of it. Kitchen is TINY. Tooooo small. Too people cant fit in it. Overall, I have liked it here :) Things work, bills are down, rent is super cheap, and I dont feel unsafe.
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The Gardens at Ashley River

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