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The Gardens at Ashley River



Resident · 2013 - 2016
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Office Staff
This place has made a complete positive 360 from the way it used to be! It's under completely new management and property owners, has undergone renovations in the past year (fresh painting, exteriors, new parking lots, renovated laundry centers, awesome dog parks, beautiful pool area, nice gym, well-manicured peaceful courtyards that make for pretty views out your front windows). They have really done a lot with this place. New staff is professional and amazing. It now feels homey, clean, and attractive. My apartment is a 1 bedroom deluxe and I have the biggest bedroom that I've ever had in my entire life. Not only is it giant but it has TWO standard sized closest AND a walk in closet! Lots of storage space and the whole apartment is spacey itself. I never hear my neighbors on the sides of me, not only because they're quiet but it's well insulated. I hear the neighbors above us occasionally as normal for apartment living. I have NEVER had any problems with bugs or pesks inside my apartment, which is surprising considering we're in the south. I feel safe here. Everyone is friendly or keeps to themselves. Some residents have lived here for 10-40 years! And they say that it's finally nice again like how it used to be back in the day when this was THE place to live. Oh can we talk about how amaaaazing this location is?!! A stone throw from downtown, the interstate, Publix grocery, gym, shopping, restaurants, great walking distance for exercise (and there's a sidewalk!) to beautiful historical Charlestowne Landing park, and also North Bridge Pier on the river a couple miles down the road. If none of the other positives about these apartment homes wins you over, the location definitely will! Not to mention there is a convenient gas station literally right next to the apartments which is great to walk to for redbox movies and late night snacks (and when you're rushing in the morning and need to get gas). I have really enjoyed living here and I'm truly going to miss my little cozy abode, magical little courtyard, ease of living when I finally buy a house in the near future. I will always remember the Gardens as being my own first real home! Now for a few of the minor negatives, because not everything can be cupcakes and rainbows in life: maintenance SEEMS to not always be timely and attentive and do the bandaid trick time to time. BUT they are friendly, professional, and for the most part promptly fix the real BIG maintenance issues. People, like me, just get impatient and annoyed because we want all the little things done and fixed right NOW! Well they do have to prioritize, especially with emergencies, and we don't always know what else is going on around the property of higher priority that they are tending to. So we all need to be a little more patient and understanding. These apartments have a housing contract with Kiawah island so A LOT of Jamaicans live here through the high volume tourists months (March-Nov.), and take buses out to Kiawah where they work, and then they go back to Jamaica in Nov. and come back in March. and repeat this every year. They are generally friendly and keep to themselves, but they are a little noisy (as that is a part of their culture and way of communicating) and I have seen a few of them litter chicken bones and beer bottles here and there. It has been addressed and has improved though. There are no washer/dryer hookups here in the apartments (unless they've installed some in the newer renovated units) but there is a nice laundry center in each building. You know how charleston floods when we get really heavy rains and everything backs up, well same kind of thing here in the parking lots and unfortunately in front of my door since I'm on ground floor. Water never comes into my apartment but I have had to wade through it time to time to get to my door. I believe they are in the process of fixing this problem. And one last thing to note is, these apartments have once been known as the cheapest place to live around the Lowcountry, but as they are making renovations and improvements, they have gradually increased rent to normal market value. (Our rent increased a little over $100 on this last lease renewal) but fairly so as this place is an awesome place to live now. I'm confident that it won't go up too much from here though, for now. Overall, this place has changed a lot for the better, I've really loved living here, and I hope you feel I've provided you with a good, honest post. You'll just have to come experience it for yourself! Thank you for taking the time to read my incredibly long post :) Sincerely, Resident of The Gardens
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The Gardens at Ashley River

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