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The Gardens at Ashley River



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I have had nothing but problems in my experience at this complex. When I filled out my application it was for one apartment in particular. When it was time to sign my lease. The apartment number had changed and the management said nothing to me regarding the change. After moving in they didn't have my mailbox key in the office and after several visits to the office they still didn't have it. It took 2 weeks before I was able to check my mail at the complex. Also when I moved in to my apartment the oven did not work and after almost 3 weeks it still doesn't. I've been quoted several days when the management has said they would fix it but those days have come and gone. Apparently charges accrue in the middle of the month and you are given almost no time to pay it. When I first moved in I paid everything that they told me I would owe in the first month (so I was a really proactive tenant and wanted to give them business). Halfway through the month I get a note on my door that said I owed a balance and I needed to pay by the 20th or I will see a late fee or it will affect my credit. Of course I had no idea this balance was on there because why would I login to my account when my rent is due on the first. I sent an email asking for an explanation on the charges and to remind them about my oven. No one from management cared to respond to my email. So I went in to their office on a Saturday and sat until someone would talk to me. They walked me through my charges and convinced me they were valid but I still needed to pay it immediately rather than let me just pay it when my rent is due since there was no way for me to know those charges were even there. Additionally the person I spoke to was very apathetic about what a bad experience I've had so far. She didn't want to hear that I have gone weeks without being able to make a hot meal in my apartment or the ability to check my mail. I signed a lease here but the management makes it very unlivable. I restarted my apartment search today.
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The Gardens at Ashley River

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