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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2002
Colonial Village at Caledon Wood: <br> <br>I lived in this apartment for 1/2 a year. I was very disappointed by its maintenance and management team. <br> <br>1) Light outside apartment not fixed for 5 months. <br> The light was gone and the cover was broken. I called the apartment 3 times and they took no action. Until I walked in and notified the manager. But the light was only half fixed, the light has no cover on for 5 months!! No one checked and followed up the repair. <br> <br>2) When you get a package, they don´t find it for you. They just ask you to come back later. <br> I went to pick up a package 3 days after I received the post office notice. Without actually tried to find it for me, she walked into the mail room (located at the back of their office) and walked out and said the package wasn´t there and asked me to come back later. I refused to leave and then she found the package!!! This is not the first time. HA! They think that we can skip work and go to the office several times just because they are lazy to find our package! <br> <br>3) Threatened to charge you $25 per "incident" whenever they received a complain from your neighbour. <br>I received a note one evening. It said I ´violated´ the ´good neighbour´ rule and threated to charge me $25 if that happend again. In the notice, there has no specific information of the incident, no "incident" occurence time or date. But it says "you have been CAUGHT" of doing such and such. You are ´guilty as charge´ whenever they got a complain! No investigation was ever conducted to verify if the "incident" actually happened. At least they need to call and ask if something happened during the specific time and date. Watch out if you have a ´sensitive´ neighbour, they can filed in several complains and you have to pay more!!! If I was the management, I would like to see more complains, so that I could charge you more monthly. <br> <br>4) They treat you like ---- !! <br>One month before I moved out, I faxed the move-out notice to the office. In the notice, I requested a staff onsite to check the apartment and to receive the keys on the move-out date at noon time. And I clearly stated that if they could not make such arrangement, please called me at work (phone number included) at least 5 days before the move-out date (so they have 3 weeks to make an arrangement). I phoned to confirm they received the notice immediately after I faxed it. The lady on the phone confirmed that someone would be onsite that day. <br>The result? You know!!! No one showed up neither in the office or at my apartment!!! I waited 45 mins from 11:45am to 12:30 pm AND I waited another 30 mins from 1:00pm to 1:30pm as they listed their office hours was from 1:00pm to 5:00pm that day. <br> <br>So if you are considering moving into this apartment (remember you are paying quite a high rent!), think again. <br>
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