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Office Staff
mustanglady32 • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
I used to live at The Place at one time and it is just a joke of all the problems that seem to be put off on the maintence and never the real culprits are blamed!I have come to know that there are many that point fingers and none to take the blame,so poor maintence gets it,OUCH!Hate to be in the maintence shoes at any apartment complex,for they all are the same in pointing a finger to the poor guys whom make it your home and makes sure it is safe for you and I.When I lived at The Place apartments it was a total nitemare,other then the maintence and the tenants.Now once again here we go reading more negativity of those poor guys not doing there job.Since it seems as only the office staff is the only qualified to run the apartments and access the problems and now i assume repairing the problems as well,then could anyone tell me why it is any apartments need maintence at any complex or community?Why not just hire the office for the maintence and to rent the apartments?Then you could for sure stay within the budget for the month,right?Well hats off to you fine folks doing such a marvelous job,and hats off to the wonderful friend that told me about Stoneledge,it was a wonderful change and i know without a doubt these are very curteous and professional peolpe within the office walls.So i would like to say i am very sorry to hear of the problems the unfortunate new renter has encounter with the maintence and as i am sure so is the office staff as well experiencing it also,same as the new renter should be very careful of all her concerns and conversations with the office as this can come home to haunt her as well.Think before making the decision to go there,seems as there are many more apartments that are open and have much more ammenitties then The Place does.
Edgemont Manager01/07/2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our community - there have been several changes and upgrades since this review was placed. Please visit www.EdgemontApartmentsGreenville.com for more information!

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