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Halcyon Apartments at Cross Creek



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
We lived in this complex for 4 1/2 months in 2006. We moved due to a death in the family. When we were there, this complex was great. The manager was very caring and we became friends, along with the leasing agent. I've heard the complex has been sold and a construction company owns it now. All I remember about the 'corporate' office is the regional manager was a real B******! I have a service animal and he didn't like the dogs' breed. I had a wonderful contact in the corporate office and they told me not to worry, however, this regional manager, as recourse from my complaints on him, had their law firm (unbeknownst to corporate) send me a nasty letter. This was bad for them because it was a HUD violation. If I hadn't moved, they would have received a major fine from HUD and the ADA. Enough of my venting, I'm sorry for the people who are miserable there now, it was a pretty nice complex. My service animal and I enjoyed living there. Remember, my review is from 2006 with the old management company, as bad as they were with their regional manager, they did keep this place up very well. I am saying 'yes' to recommending Halcyon, again, however, this is due to my previous experience.
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Halcyon Apartments at Cross Creek

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