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Halcyon Apartments at Cross Creek



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I have live at Halcyon for approx. 3 yrs and I am also in the same industry! I highly recommend these apartments. The close proximity to the airport, stores, banks & etc.. along with the caring team... makes it an idea place to live on the eastside of Greenville. In the 3 yrs I have been here, I have been very happy with no problems & have the best neighbors. The team is great (Grace, Terry, Jose & Robin). They go the extra mile to make you feel this is truly your home. In Realty, I could live on my property with incentives(a very desirable & nice community) but yet I choose to live here. The apartment may not be as updated as most may desire but they are so..oo very spacious...The important thing is to remember who your neighbors are, what the team is like & how maintenance staff is like too...Because this will be your home. We have a bunch of long time residents...that alone should speak for itself. Scenerio: We have a pond on the property with an occasional crane, lots of geese & just recently(1-yr.ago) pekin ducks. Normally they all habitat together nicely but just this past weekend we had a pekin duck die (geese attack due to nesting) It was so sad ...I observed & saw the impact it had on many residents...they're are our pets!!!! Bob (resident) removed the remains from the female duck that had passed.The male pekin duck grieved. It was so sad & pitiful as he loyally continued to search for his mate. Suddenly 2 female pekin ducks appear from heaven & again the community comes together. Unfortunately...the male pekin duck was injured the very next day...severly!!! (by the male geese) Again...wonderful residents took him to the vet. The Vet said it was almost fatal & would provide the care necessary & have him released to a game reserve. When I arrived home today I see a kiddie pool was put out for the (2-female) ducks and I'm told a possible a division will be put up temporarily until the geese are hatched & grown... to protect the ducks from future attacks. But to see the residents come together, watching over these ducks was amazing!!! At about 10:25pm I heard the ducks quacking loudly so I ran out as well as other residents, they had night lights & etc to diffuse a possible attack from the geese..Absolutely Phenomenal!!!! What a community... What other community can you find such beautiful & compassionate residents! I take my hat off to the "Halcyon Team" that has promoted & allowed us to come together & to be a Beautiful Community" a place we call "Home" Halcyon is the true definition of a Community.
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Halcyon Apartments at Cross Creek

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