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Audubon Park

1700 Eagle Landing Boulevard

Hanahan, SC 29410



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2013
THE TRAIN IS HORRIBLE! If you stay here, make SURE you get an apt far away from the road. I have lived here for about 9 months now, and we still are woken up by the train (at least 10 beeps) every half hour. My husband and I liked it here at first, but within the first month there were tons of bugs getting in (we had to spray the place), appliances weren't working properly, bathroom tile/caulk is falling apart making it very difficult to clean properly, etc. Shortly after we noticed some strange people walking around at night who definitely did not live here. My neighbors had their cars egged, scratched, stolen and many of my things have been stolen from the pool, my car was scratched up too. We moved here b/c the price and location were good. But our rent has gone up over $100 and the electric and water have gone up tremendously. I have to say that the staff is very nice, and more recently they have become secure - locking the 24 hour laundry service room and having a police officer patrol the area. But, I feel like the people that LIVE here are insane. I was almost run over twice by a guy and his friends, some kids were sitting out of my apt and honked the horn/banged on the window when I was getting out of my car, and people invite there 50 friends over to the pool with their 100 kids - you can imagine how frustrating it is. Kids that don't even live here come to the pool and play basketball!! Not to mention the PARTIES that go on across the street near the pond. They stay out yelling and music blasting until 3am Fri-Sun, sometimes Thurs. Some kid had gotten beaten up bad one night, cops were called numerous times.... The place isn't horrible, and SOME things I'm sure haven't happened to others... BUT If you decide to live here, make it a short stay and make sure you get an apt at the far end away from the street. Get another lock for your door (b/c these ones are terrible) and spray the crap out of your rooms. I only gave this a 3 b/c it would be OK for a short stay & the staff are nice. Good luck.
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Audubon Park

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