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Edgewater Plantation By ARIUM

100 Eighty Oaks Avenue

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
Will the construction ever end? 5 months ago they started construction on porches, and as of yet I have not seen one completed. Mine is still stripped bare and has been for somewhile. What happened to finishing what you've started before beginning a new project? For the several months that we are without a porch, we get one small kickback of money, about 100 bucks. We pay for the square footage, so every month I want my rent lowered per square footage of my porch. And Id like my electricity money back from the nice long list of equipment the laborers have plugged into the outlet on my porch. <br> Also, there is nothing like waking up to a jackhammer shaking your walls and a guy on a ladder outside your bedroom window while you are laying in bed. The only way to have privacy in this complex any longer is to live like a hermit, with all shades and blinds drawn shut. What really makes it hard is having to do overnight shifts and coming home to go to bed to that nice jackhammer on the otherside of the wall...<br> From what Ive read, several reviews are from people who seem to have less than a large heart for animals, so I expect no pity from that crowd. However, when I do try to walk my dog I find there is no place to walk him! Every outdoor area is riddled with lumber, supplies, and laborers. To get to a grass area it's like going through an obstacle course; jumping, dodging, and ducking. At night, the only peaceful time with no loud laborers around, there is no light to see because the sun is down and everyone has their shades closed. I agree some owners do not pick up after their animals, so walking in the grass in the pitch black is pretty much an accident waiting to happen. <br> I like the staff here, they have been friendly and helpful. I realize its not their call to have all this construction done, but still a pain in the rear for the entire community. This construction should be completed much faster than it has been. If the powers that be are trying to save money on cement trucks by doing it all in one shot, they will find that they will lose more money to lost clientel than they will gain from "bulk shopping."
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Edgewater Plantation By ARIUM

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