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Boulder Creek Townhomes



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
We have lived here for just over 18 months and since moving here they have added a lot of rules. Every month they add more and more rules to the point were we don't have guests because there is no where for them to park and we keep having to pay them because they require weird tests. For example, they made every tenant pay $30 to DNA test there dog so they can identify who is not picking up there pet waste! We haven't done it yet and won't. They will be testing every piece of dog waste not picked up to determine who is belongs to and then charging $100 per waste found to the tenant it belongs to. It's ridiculous! They won't touch my dog to do a DNA test AND I won't pay for it. If they want to do something like this then they should be paying for it. They don't charge pet rent which would take care of the issue by hiring a pet waste cleanup company. But no, all they care about is getting money and making sure THEY are happy, not there tenants. When we first moved here we had a psycho neighbor and we were told we needed to move to a different unit. We had been in that unit maybe 3 weeks and 1 of those weeks were in a different state. This girl was out of her mind yet we were forced repack and move to another unit. I had just had surgery but the manager didn't care. All they did for us was hire a moving company do the moving for us and they were very careless with our stuff. Each tenant is allowed 1 garage and 1 uncovered parking spot. The garage is so far away that it's not worth using for anything besides storage. So almost everyone parks in front of there unit but there isn't enough parking for that. They started a new rule where any vehicle without a parking sticker will be towed at owners expense. This even means visitors so if a friend stays overnight, there car will be towed unless they park a mile away. This has happened several times to our neighbors. However, our neighbor has two cars and has parked both of them right out front of there door since we've lived here but never has been towed. When I told the manager about it, she said they made a temporary arrangement with her. 18 months is temporary?! When we first moved here it was summer and our neighbors were always having bbq's, friends over and kids playing outside. Last summer (2011) no one had guests over, no bbq's and hardly any kids playing outside. It's like we can't have a life living here. Just LOTS of dogs barking and A LOT of music blasting from cars at all hours of the night. We have a huge issue with parties here. People will blast there music at all hours of the night almost every night in there cars outside. When I tell the manager about it (who is impossible to deal with) she just makes excuses for them and doesn't do anything. We have a neighbor who has a really loud truck. He keeps it running in the morning at 6:30 for at least 20 minutes and revs the engine. We live on an end unit and his truck shakes our walls making pictures fall down. So on one wall we can't have anything hanging or it falls and breaks. We have a baby who wakes up startled every morning because of it. The manager says she doesn't think it's that loud and doesn't do anything. I have left notes on his truck to park somewhere else and let him know it's too loud for this type of community but it didn't do anything. Overall, this place sucks! It's a beautiful community. I just wish they would take care of the tenants as well as they do the grounds. Looks can be deceiving!! It's not worth $875. There are no amenities (no pool, no community area, etc), the management is horrible and there is no maintenance. If something breaks, you have to wait about a week for someone to look at it and it takes several times for that person to come back to fix it. Our dishwasher has been "fixed" 4 times over the last 18 months and is still not working properly. I'm close to a few of my neighbors and ALL of them are looking to move. I'm so tired of the ------ attitude from the manager and the dog DNA thing was the last straw. I've lived in apartments my entire life and I've never experienced such disgusting behavior and ridiculous rules. I could go on because there is more but this should be enough for now!
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