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Hickory Trace Apartments



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sixgunstoglory • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/08/2007
I have lived in these apartments. Me and my roomates have three bedroom 3 bath. The only thing good about this whole place is the fact of the layout. You cant beat three bedrooms and three baths for such a cheap price. They raised the rent to over 800 now and it's not worth it. A few months ago there was a guy killed outside the bulding I lived in while he was getting his groceries. The management is horrific. They care nothing for you. I had my water heater go out at like 9 at night. I called the emergency on call guy 4-5 times before he would call back. I told him the situation and he said I needed a new water heater and he couldnt get it till the next day. Didn't bother to come by and look at it. He came the next day and all it was, was the pilot light had went out. Talk about lazy people. People here let there kids run and ride bikes in the middle of the street. No one cares. Both my roomates have had there car windows broken out. The ventilation system is horrible. My electric bill a month is anywhere from $140-$170. Thats ridiculous. Its becuase these buildings are so old and no one has replaced anything in them. It gets hot in all of our rooms and in the lviing room its like an ice box. I have to keep the temp sat at 64 degrees to keep it cool inside. I have called about this numerous times and they have check the freeon levels and said everything is fine. THe new managment is just horrible. They care nothing for you all they want is there monet. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! your better off living in a janitors closet at a high school somewhere.
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Hickory Trace Apartments

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